March Rambling Thoughts

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It’s a symphony.

Between the swirling winds outside and the humming furnace inside, quite a lively day I am having.  At least for Washington DC area, the nor’easter spared us the heavy snow this time, only the high winds which was enough to blow down fixtures outside of the house. I had been closing my mailbox door several times today already.

Adding to the unsettling feeling is the news on the radio about the bank failures. The more they say it’s non-contagion and that our bank deposits are secure, the more urge I get to withdraw my money. Not sure why that is the case, considering my balance is way below the $250K FDIC insurance threshold. Maybe I should just turn the radio off.

In addition to the unsettling weather and the bank failures, the Russian is taking down our military drone over international water. Seriously! Are the Ruski not having enough with our weapons? Is this their way to provoke the Americans to join the Ukraine war? Why don’t they watch the movies Top Gun first?

Anyway, the furnace humming is putting me to sleep. But chances are the winds will wake me up in the middle of the night. What a racket and a chaotic world we live in!

How was your day?

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