Social Capital Lost

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Often I hear retirees say that they don’t miss the work, but they missed the people. A statement I would support.

Social capital is a term I came across lately.  It is “the aspects of our relationships that produce benefits for us” (Forbes). Whether in formal meetings, bumping into someone in the hallway, or informal coffee room talks, the synergistic benefits we gained can not be overstated.

Unfortunately, when the Covid-19 pandemic sent and kept people working from home, social capital took a big hit (HBR).  Whether people know it or not. Arguably, advancement of telecommunication technologies such as Zoom and Net meeting contributed to the decline of the social capital as well. 

Supporters of the working from home favor the freedom and flexibility from the new arrangement. Good for them. But what the retirees and I missed are the shared experiences,  mutual respect, and genuine care for each other while working in person. Because we have lost our social capital.

Do you miss the social capital from working in person?

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