Our Spiritual Connection

Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

In my meditation of late, I have been searching for spiritual direction, or “purpose” in everyday parlance. Are we here by chance? What is achievable in our limited lifetime? And why bother? So on and so forth.

Touchy-feely as that may sound, I did come across the talk by Tom Chi on “Everything is connect, here is how” that offered a concrete explanation and shed some light to my questions. According to Chi, we are connected, not by chance, but by evolution [my words].

Each of us holds a colorful pallet that Chi calls “the pallet of being.” We inherit social capital and add to it alone the way. Inventions such as wheel, automobile, computer, and other tools illustrate our progress. And who knows what imagination will take us.

Because of this process, “the pallet of being” will be even more brilliant and colorful because what we bring into it. Bit by bit. One small piece at the time.  Holistically, what brings life and gives life through this connection is truly spiritual.

What’s your thoughts on that we’re all connected? 

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