Sound Of Spring, Part 2

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Maybe it was my imagination, I heard the birds chirping outside of my window while meditating this morning. Yes, the Spring equinox was yesterday (20 Mar 2023). And I have this tendency for self fulfilling prophecy like feeling the car rides better after filling the air in the tires.

Then, I heard it again later. This time, it was in the afternoon. And the sound was child playing outside. To make sure I was not daydreaming, I looked out the window, and sure enough my neighbor and her son was outside drawing hopscotch on their driveway. Taking advantage of this warmer temperature we’re having.

Am I prepared for spring? Did I miss saying goodbye to winter?  As if someone flipped a switch, everything changed over night. Cautiously, I cracked open my window to let the air in. But to be sure, I will not put away my heavy coat just yet. That is until I forget about the frigid winter.

Are you ready for Spring (or Autumn)?

Part 1, here

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