China Playing Politics


After three days of pomp and circumstance, China’s president Xi, Jinping wrapped his State visit today with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Timing for Xi’s visit was extraordinary and explicit –   “strategic choice made by China based on its own fundamental interests” (NPR).

Political cloud – China wants to be viewed as a major player on the world stage. With the US and its allies behind the Ukraine in a deadlock with the Russia, China with its twelve point peace plan appears a peace maker and above the fray.

Ideological alliance – China is seizing the Ukraine war as the opportunity to push back against the US and the West in establishing “a new world order.” In other words, here is a consolidated platform for any anti-US countries to rally around without getting their fingers dirty.

Trade advantage – China is exacting more raw resources from Russia at bargain prices thanks to the Western sanctions. In return, Xi offers no weapons nor military aids other than the peace plan. Putin has little choice but “mortgaged the Kremlin to Beijing.”

In short, the strategic choice based on China’s interests is at play. Given there is no cost to China but everything to gain, what’s not to like about the deal (advantage China)? The question is how should the US respond in this international political chess?

What do you think is the next move?

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