Getting Warm In DC

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The temperature shot up to 82 degree (Fahrenheit) in Washington DC today. Thirty degrees above Monday’s (spring equinox). While a welcoming warm up, what follows this rise in temperature is the pollen count. After all the plants and animals have been waiting for the spring. Now it’s here, why hold back?

Conveniently for me, I’m keeping my mask on for the Covid and, a bonus benefit, the pollen at bay. Each spring, I go through this ritual of preparing for the spring allergy season. And this year is no exception. Except, wearing my mask feels pretty normal by now.

Also heating up are the Capital Hill hearings: Among others, the Tik Tok CEO faced a grueling reception on the hill with a hearing lasted more than five hours. Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary continued to answer lawmakers’ questions on the banking failures. Not to mention the House GOP’s effort to foil the Trump indictments.

Stay tune. The spring has only just began.

What do you look forward to in spring?


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