On Acceptance

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Part of growing up is our acceptance of life.

Early on, we learnt that the world does not evolve around  us, and we don’t always get we want. Acceptance of things, regardless we like them or not, is a given.  Things like our names, languages, places of birth, schools and other similar arrangements meant we had little control. 

As we become clearer on what’s important, so does the separation between our willing  acceptance and rejection. In a way, those are the easy parts. What in-between the two are the life’s proving ground. Where we get our scars, bruises, and bumps. 

To wit, we accept a job so to pay our bills, an education so to find a job, and listening to our parents/ superiors so to keep them from getting upset with us. And those acceptance do not always come easily, particularly on things we hold dearly.

Take emotional pains for example. Accepting them are hard choices we swallow. That’s why after the denial, anger, bargaining, depression, comes the acceptance as the final stage of grief after a loss. The process itself has meanings.

So don’t be surprised when you find yourself again at the crossroad in this journey. Life has been called the school of hard-knocks. And acceptance is our way of coming to term with the life itself.

In acceptance, what is the hardest part for you?


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