Rediscovering Yoga

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Yoga has many benefits. It’s a body weight exercise. Minimal or no equipment needed. It can be practiced practically anywhere. Easy as that sounds, I have been remiss in my yoga practice. Whenever I do find myself on the mat, it’s a getting-back-in-touch with myself again.

Why do I let my yoga lapse? You ask. The answer is no different from the other detours I wondered off to for whatever the reason. The important part is that I am back on the mat trying to re-image a more grounded, confident, and in control life. And practicing yoga is my door to that path.

Unlike meditation, yoga not only leverages breathing to focus the mind but also coordinates the body into action. No matter, it’s the core, the extremities, or both. The body and breath are synchronized in the various poses. Moving and stretching together.  As such, it’s a true mind-body exercise.

For now, there are muscles that I have neglected, tendons forgotten, and positions felt  awkward. But humbly I submit myself to the practice. Invariably, I get that vibe afterwards similar to running.  My mind is calmer and body more relaxed. And with gratitude in my  spirit.

What do you do to find peace and balance?

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2 Responses to Rediscovering Yoga

  1. Val says:

    Great article! Yoga is definitely a wonderful practice for both the body and the mind. It’s great that you’re getting back on the mat and working towards a more grounded, confident, and in control life through yoga.


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