To Adapt, I Shall

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As I age, I am discovering limitations, both physical and mental, that  encroach my daily reality.  I am no longer invincible. In fact, I can barely read the aisle signs in the grocery store or the fine prints on a prescription without the aid of reading glasses.

Yes, it’s a new reality that I feel dearly (ever thought it would happen, not this quick at least).  The colloquial reply of “such is life” does not answer the quest.  On a recent healthcare survey, I selected good or very good for my health instead of excellent, as a nod to my limitations.

What to do? Well, for sure I am not going to roll over, be defined by my limitations, or reminisce the memory of past years. No, no, no. Instead, I will take what I have, adapt my life to the new reality, explore  pursuits that are better fit for the current me, and begin to push limits on different fronts.

Life is too short, don’t you agree?

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