Week In Review – 21 May 2023

The US government is 11 days from defaulting on its debt obligations (1 June 2023). Last time when this happened back in 2011, the US credit rating was downgraded (from AAA to AA+) by the Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings, one of the top 3 credit rating agencies (the other two being Fitch and Moody’s). Will the history repeats this time? Don’t know. But it’s definitely another nail biter.

Pressure surrounding this self-induced political drama stems from our government’s record deficit and failure to bring it under control. We don’t need more rules but commitment to stop  mortgaging our future. Imaging if your household’s finance were like the federal budget, you too  will sleep with not so sweet dreams. Thankfully, America is not broken, but we do have issues.

Besides the fiscal fiasco, there is also this epidemic of loneliness and isolation declared by the US Surgeon General. Instead of a high tech and high touch society, we are turning into a hi-tech & low-touch culture with inadequate third places for social connections and support. Don’t wan to bowl alone, dance alone, or play alone?  What can we change to adapt

Stay safe & Have a nice week


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