Digital Assets?

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When hearing digital assets, I used to roll my eyes.  Why? Because, I interpreted digital assets as crypto, NFT, or some other forms of intangible monetary stuff that I do not own. But lately I have been schooled to think otherwise.

Digital assets do not necessarily have to be of monetary value.  For instance, do you have email account, photo stored on the cloud, or blog like this one you’re reading?  These are all examples of digital assets – something in electronic form that is of value to you.

What happen to these digital assets when you pass?  Particularly if the digital asset is generating tons of income like my blog (just kidding).  If that were true, for sure it’s worth to think in advance about how to dispose them. And you may have guessed: yes, a digital estate plan.

At this point, you may be rolling your eyes like I was. But if your digital assets are truly important or valuable to you, shouldn’t they be taken care of like your physical ones?

Do you put your Bitcoins in a safe?

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