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Reblog: Trump Superstore

When I saw this piece from the Business Insider, I couldn’t help but said it out loud, this is America – capitalism at its best. Where else would you find a store full of former President Trump merchandises? The answer, … Continue reading

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No Good News?

  Has this ever happened to you? That, among all the news, none of them is positive! What is going on? Surely, our world is not fallen apart. Looking around, it should be self evident. Only the media outlets choose … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 15 May 2022

Summery weather arrived overnight in Washington DC.  Just in time for the abortion right demonstration downtown (and across the nation?). Was the US Supreme Court draft opinion leaked on purpose or a matter of lacking discipline? All 98 pages of … Continue reading

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Discipline – Further Explained

  Discipline is often viewed with negative connotations.  Such as poor performance due to lack of discipline, running a marathon demands self discipline, and the likes. Generally, it conjures up forced compliance – control, punishment, enforced behavior.  But what if … Continue reading

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It’s May 2022

  Yesterday , 1 May, marked the beginning of a new month and the warmer weather for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere. Temperature in the Washington DC area today shot above 80 degree (Fahrenheit). Boom! What a way to … Continue reading

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Is Free Speech Really Free?

  Big news about Elon Musk buying the Twitter.  The world’s richest man and a powerful social medium platform, what could possibly go wrong? Mr. Musk wants free speech, including imploring his fieriest critic to stay with the Twitter. However, … Continue reading

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Soleus Pain

  Yesterday I ran 8 miles. Half way through my run, I felt a pain in my calf – a sharp pain on the outside edge of my left calf. And the pain intensified when I ran up the hill. … Continue reading

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Beyond The Ukrainian War

  Current situation in Ukraine is bad. The Russian invasion is making the country a hell on earth. Destruction of life, property, social infrastructure, and semblance of society are the brutal reality orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin started three … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 6 Mar 2022

The Ukraine invasion by the Russian bully is in its second week. And its development has pretty much dominated the news and social media. So when the trucker’s freedom convoy, a copycat of the Canadian Trucker Protest, hit the Washington … Continue reading

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A Nightmare of American Revolution?

  January, tensed emotions are being stretched thinner. The trifecta of pandemic, supply chain, and inflation are gnawing people’s never down to the nubs. Raw emotions without  salvation. Even the politicians are dispensing the typical sugar-laced lies. Just bare-knuckle fights. … Continue reading

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