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In-person Race Now?

  While the weather is getting warmer, more in-person races are happening, Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding. Are people so raring to go back-to-normal, they are throwing caution to the wind? Case in point, this past Monday, over 25 thousand runners participated … Continue reading


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A Windy Morning Run

  The wind was hollering, rattling at my window panes. On top of that, the windchill made an already cold morning (42 degree Fahrenheit) less inviting. Nevertheless, I bundled up and went for my run anyway. Apparently, the Washington DC … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 17 Apr 2022

  The 126th Boston Marathon is tomorrow, 9 years since the bombing incident. This will be the first race back to its original Spring schedule. Unfortunately, 63 qualified runners from either Russia or Belarus are banned from participating as a … Continue reading

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Joy Or Happiness?

  What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Despite their similarities, joy and happiness are different emotions people hold. But they are often used interchangeably as in Happy Holidays and Joy to the World.  In actuality, joy is not happiness. … Continue reading

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Damn The Tornadoes

  Overnight, tornadoes hit over a stretch of 250 miles in the Mid-West states that included Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The devastation was overwhelming. Governor Beshear reported that 70 or more people are feared dead in Kentucky … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 Oct 2021

A recent trip to Alaska has made me appreciate the seasonal change here in the Mid-Atlantic. Looking around, leaves are on the grass, pavement, everywhere else. They fall like the rain from trees. Right on cue, the natural’s hue is … Continue reading

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Marathon Weekend

  Two big races this weekend, Boston and Chicago marathons.  Both are major races attracting hundreds if not thousands of participants.  Boston is on Monday (Columbus Day), and Chicago is tomorrow.  And the Boston Marathon offers a virtual race option … Continue reading

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Race Goal For 2021

  In case you haven’t noticed, my blog’s “Countdown To The Big Race” has been updated with the Virtual Boston Marathon on 8 – 10 Oct 2021. No. No. Not that I have signed up for the virtual race, some … Continue reading

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Virtual Race?

  The term “virtual race” is strange to me.  I don’t understand it, never tried, and not sure if I will.  Certainly, virtual races have picked up steam with the Coronavirus lockdown.  It is a way for people who want … Continue reading

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Another Lost Year?

  Time flies, whether you admit it or not.  April is upon us.  Mr. Biden has been on the job for 70 days.  Looking back, the year 2020 was buried by the news of Coronavirus pandemic. And its impact continues. … Continue reading

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