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The Natural Order

  Ever wonder about how you fit in the big scheme of things?  Like the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing us, what can we do about it?  Or more specifically what can you,  me, or anyone do? What’s your role … Continue reading

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Re-open Schools?

  Should the schools be re-open? The answer is unequivocally yes. But the real question is not whether the schools be re-opened but when? The same applies to businesses, communities, and other areas of public interests. Given no vaccine or … Continue reading

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Enough Time?

  What would you do if you have all the time in the world?  An hypothetical question that feels more real now-a-day while staying at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, here are some possibilities: (1) … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Summer

  Rumbling thunders and heavy air usher in the typical Washington summer.  Along with it, the Trump White House is ladened with growing defiance against the president from former employees and officials, and coronavirus is spreading rampant both domestically and … Continue reading

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Effective Policing

  With policing in the limelight, lots of voices on its reform are being raised.  Emotions aside, how many people understand what policing is about?  If any area of policing is to be de-funded, what is the impact to the … Continue reading

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Running Thought

  While running this morning, a question occurred to me – will I ever run another marathon? Not trying to be dramatic, two concerns stewed behind my question.  First, the future of the COVID-19 is uncertain. But, most Fall marathons … Continue reading

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Our Habits

  Easy to grasp that we are creature of habit. Much harder to realize our habits are difficulty to change. The hold of our habits on us is so powerful that as the saying goes we are what we repeatedly … Continue reading

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“To the Class of 2020”

  Summer is here.  Although the solstice on the calendar says it’s still 11 days away (on 20 June).  My 83 degree (Fahrenheit) 5 mile run this morning says I need to get up earlier to take advantage of the … Continue reading

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Blaming Vs. Examining

  How often do we check our own emotions or motives before blaming others?  Chances are not often. Blaming is easy.  It shifts the focus from self to others. The problem is with others, surely.  Any reason not more people … Continue reading

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Certainty Vs Curiosity

  Certainty is an overrated.  It’s a product of external influences. You are only as certain as the available data.  But all too common, workplace does not like to deal with uncertain workers. Uncertainty does not enthuse confidence. And nobody … Continue reading

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