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Erie Marathon

I have decided to run the Erie Marathon in Erie, Pennsylvania on 9 September 2018.  Because the early September race date, my 20 week training will start next week.  Hoohoo. The marathon course is around the Presque Isle State Park … Continue reading

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Tell It Like It Really Is?

Tell it like it really is.  Sounds simple and straight forward, right? Not so, not here in Washington DC.  The response one will get most likely is a chuckle, a grunt, or “Say what?  Are you crazy? Nobody does that.”  … Continue reading

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Week In Review 8 Apr 2018

Yes it is April in Washington DC, and we are still getting snow flurries on occasions. Go figures. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring already? Good thing that I am not cherry blossom nor putting all my hopes on the … Continue reading

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Knowledge Made Useful

Knowledge is cheap.  Or more precisely, access to knowledge is cheap.  Anyone with a smartphone and connection to the internet has abundant information at their finger tips. In matter of seconds, one can find any topics of interest. Dare I … Continue reading

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How Is Your Mojo?

In my recent wellness check up there was a question,”Couldn’t get going?” And I answered “No.”  It was a wake up call for me and made me realize that to keep myself energized, relying on others or externals was not … Continue reading

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Our paradigm is our model of the world.  How things supposed to be according our own understanding. Paradigm is good.  It helps us navigate around our daily live and make sense out of different situations.  But like model, paradigm is … Continue reading

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Same Roles, Different Environments

Couldn’t help but notice the differences in climates between Hawaii, SoCal (where I recently visited) to the cold-windy Washington DC area and how the environment affects me. In HI, the weather is the warmest among the three places. And I can … Continue reading

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Can’t Figure It Out

Sometimes it is impossible to figure things out.  Can’t figure out what to wear when weather is finicky, can’t figure out what others think when at an impasse, can’t figure out what is important when everything is going well.  Just … Continue reading

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Experiencing The Difference

For me, the best way to experiencing something is by doing.  This hands-on approach reinforces my experience via the five senses.  For instance, in a new place I learn local direction by running through its neighborhood – seeing the landmarks, … Continue reading

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Space – The Final Frontier

In the classic television sci-fi series Star Trek, Captain Kirk calmly introduces those words at the beginning of each episode as he led the crew of the starship Enterprise in searching for new life and adventure in the outer space. … Continue reading

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