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US & China – What Now?

  China has concluded its 20th Party Congress. President Xi Jinping, after securing his power for a historical third term, offered an olive branch to President Biden yesterday. For sake of “global stability and . . . peace” China and US … Continue reading

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Time To Re-evaluate?

  Today is 13 Oct. Only 80 days left in this year (2022). Yes, Eight-Zero. Whether that’s a lot or a little depends on each person. But it certainly has me sit up and ask what do I want to … Continue reading

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Where Is Life Taking Us?

  It sounds easy to just go with the flow, wherever the life is taking us. That’s until you peel the onion and drill deeper.  The simplest and most mindless answer is that life is a circle. We came naked … Continue reading

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The Shift Back To In-person

  With the Covid-19 pandemic, a shift to working from home became a necessity to isolate this highly transmissible virus. Business and government alike were not prepared to address it two and a half years ago. No vaccine was available … Continue reading

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Is The Pandemic Over?

  President Biden said this past weekend that the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Not sure where he got this idea, but his statement shocked many people (myself included). The president’s off-the-cuff remark contradicted the experts and world leaders alike. The … Continue reading


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What Inflation?

  “Inflation in the US and around the world is a big problem right now.” There, I just told you what I know about the inflation. Even that much I heard it from somewhere. But seems everyone is talking about … Continue reading

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Fun With Rituals

  Do not confuse ritual with routine. Albeit similar, the former is intentional and selected for personal fulfillment while the latter is more a schedule-based task.  In comparison, ritual is more mindful and enables. Take my Saturday morning long run … Continue reading

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Feeling Good About My Run

  Even though running slower and less than before, I feel good about my running. Before the Covid pandemic, I run marathons. And I train for those races.  Goals like faster finish, personal record, or no injury were my motivators … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

  When I retired and became the Leisure Class, I thought everyday life will be easy. Little did I know, the freedom I have acquired as a leisure class member comes with a precondition: know what you want. Only then … Continue reading

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Social Connection

  Social connection makes us who we are. And  no person exists alone. To wit, we are our parents child, and they are their parents’. Naive to believe otherwise. Such is the point Dr. Pamela Rutledge made that none of … Continue reading

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