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Keeping Eyes On The Prize

Say you have figured out what is important, your big rock or whatever the metaphor may be.  Keeping focus on it is however not always easy.  Because what’s important often takes a tumble to the trivial of daily life.  Why? … Continue reading

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Art vs Science

Art and science are like the two bookends of the humanity scale.  One can study to get a degree in bachelor of arts or bachelor of science.  Which one is more important? Science is straightforward.  Clear in its goals and … Continue reading

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What Retirement Means (To Me)

F R E E D O M, insofar as: doing what heart desires, finding what feels good, and enjoying what life offers. What does retirement mean to you?

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Week In Review – 7 May 2017

Easy to mistaken that we are the center of the universe as I welcomed the month of May this week.  The warming weather and seasonal transition here in Washington D.C. is opposite of those in the Southern Hemisphere.  A phenomena that … Continue reading

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2.00:24 – Marathon Time!

Following up to my previous post, the Nike’s Breaking 2 project was today. Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya finished a marathon distance of 26.2 miles in two hours and 24 seconds. A world record! While the sub 2-hours goal remains, Eliud … Continue reading

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How To Tell Your Life Story?

Whether you are a story teller or not, when it comes to the question of “tell me about yourself,” it is one story that you can’t miss.  Who else would be in a better position to talk about your own … Continue reading

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Trump & Alternative?

Waking up to the reality that today has been 100 days since Trump moved into the White House and yet another protest march (on Climate) downtown. Whether you cheer or jeer Trump, one thing is certain.  Trump is different. As … Continue reading

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Such Is Life’s Progression

Knowledge, especially book knowledge, is kinda basic.  Meaning it gives the pre-requisite step to whatever needs to be accomplished. Knowledge by itself is not achievement. For example, knowledge from medical school to becoming a doctor does not guaranty one can actually … Continue reading

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“Love Has No Labels”

Fellow blogger and marathoner, Jame Harris commented on my blog the other day about how this country feels very divided, not since Trump but for many years now.  And I agree with his assessment. We the people of the United … Continue reading

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What’s The Message?

Communication is sharing of ideas.  Message is the vehicle. To achieve the intention of sharing ideas, the message needs to be crafted in the recipients’ frame of reference so it can be well received and understood.  Moreover, the message needs … Continue reading

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