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To Experience vs To Have

Friend of mine is embarking on a minimalist lifestyle.  She gives away stuffs that her family no longer use, cooks organic foods without much condiments, and promotes re-use instead of recycling to reduce wastes.  In other words, living with less … Continue reading

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You Only Get This Moment Once!

The advise, in this post’s title, is what I got while visiting Caroline Bakker’s blog.  It  has me paused and mulled over Ms Bakker’s point – this moment in time, once gone, will never return.  Never.  Not in the same … Continue reading

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What’s The Question?

Almost five months have gone by since I learned that I missed the 2019 Boston Marathon Cut-off by 1 second.  Enough time has passed for my  bruised feeling to heal.  Even though as I said before, try harder next time, … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking, Part 2

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.  ~Viktor Frankl Critical thinking means staying objective and thinking critically, … Continue reading

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Lost In The Shuffle

Amidst the polar vortex’s visit, most people would stay in and not risk getting freeze to death (21 such fatalities already and counting).  But in this brutal cold, there is a heart warming story about a woman in Chicago booked hotel … Continue reading

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Begin With The End In Mind

Bottom-line upfront: What is you intention?  What do you envision will happen? Knowing the destination is a preference almost second nature to me.  It is like a target which allows me to plan and allocate my resources.  I organize everything … Continue reading

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Of Hopes And Lies

The optimistic proverb of Alexander Pope, “hope springs eternal,” is rooted in facts, according to Deborah Mills-Scofield, not fantasy.  Otherwise, it’s no different from dreaming!  A critical distinction worthy of repeating that hope is “rooted in facts.” American voters were … Continue reading

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Our Struggles

What is your struggle?  In honor of the Martin Luther King, I ask the question.  Clearly for Dr. King, it was, among other things, the civil rights.  For which he paid the ultimate price.  What is it for you? Not … Continue reading

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“Seeking Challenge”

  Common in resumes is the phrase “seeking greater or increasing challenges” – the reason to move or advance one’s career.  While no doubt in the job seeker’s intention, the phrase is often misused for the career move.  Why? How … Continue reading

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“How does it work? Why is it so? When will it happen? Where to find more?” and other questions are asked by people who are curious.  And these questions are wonderful because they represent curiosity which is the basis for … Continue reading

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