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On Finding Balance

  There is drought and there is flood.  Both involves water but in extremes. The peaks and valleys are not so different from anger and fear in our basic emotions. And these extremes can cause tremendous stresses even when one … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Herd Immunity When?

With the Covid-19 cases on the rise, I was curious when will we achieve “herd immunity.” Are we really going to get there?  In short, the answer is YES.  But ‘when’ is the more difficult part to say because of … Continue reading

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Here I Am

  The sense of anxiety begins to fade, as I claim my spot in this space. Truths, lies, and feelings matter only in this context. Beyond that, any worries or fears are not my concerns. Here I am.

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Succumbing To The Weather

  “Carrying your own weather” is a nice concept advocated by Stephen Covey of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People fame.  The concept centers on our proactive choice and ability to shape our destiny.  It is something I endeavor … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 1 Aug 2021

Say hello to August.  With all the record hot temperatures we’ve been having (in the Norther Hemisphere), I hope the hottest day is behind us already.  A cooler temperature may lessen the wildfires on the west, and for me, offers … Continue reading

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Action Is Not Always Conscious?

  During the Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles was struck by the “twisties” in mid-air.  She lost awareness of her body.  The muscle memory she had came to rely on during her  execution was not there.  Luckily, she landed unharmed. It … Continue reading

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Vaccine Mandate Debate

  Last week the US gained over 500K new cases of the Coronavirus, the largest increase  (a 131-percent increase compared with the week prior) in the world, according to the World Health Organization. This increase although alarming raises the question … Continue reading

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A Courageous Act

  When Simone Biles withdrew from her individual all-around gymnastics competition at Tokyo Olympics yesterday, it shocked the world. She is the reigning champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist. A superstar and the “face of the Games.” But her decision … Continue reading

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Olympic Dishonesty

  It is hot & humid here in Washington DC with temperature in the low 90’s and Dew Point 71 degree Fahrenheit.  But in comparison, I feel a lot worse for the athletes competing in the Tokyo summer Olympics.  Because … Continue reading

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Finding Peace

  In a rare moment, I found my mind at ease.  Not only not a worry in the world but nothing at all was on my mind. A stark contrast with my usual self especially my pre-bedtime frame of mind. … Continue reading

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