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Truth About American Violence

  Violence should never be condoned. And what happened in Memphis, Tennessee is a powder keg waiting to explode: another traffic stop and police brutality that resulted in death of a regular person who was on his way home. The … Continue reading

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No One Is Above The Law

  Countries that follow the rule of law, which includes the US, would uphold the principle that no one is above the law. So it’s understandable that the US Department of Justice has appointed Special Counsels to investigate former President … Continue reading

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On MLK Day 2023

  In our seemingly divisive and fragmented society, Martin Luther King, Jr., the celebrated  civil rights leader and activist, stood out as a role model and beacon of hope for America’s future. Why? Not because his gift of oration, nor … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 15 Jan 2023

California, the Golden State, is experiencing the results of climate changes: first extreme droughts and now extreme floods. It’s governor has declared a state of emergency to deal with the effect of the damages. As tragic as these events were, … Continue reading


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Me & My Mask

  Before the Covid, I would not be caught dead with any face covering in public (or elsewhere for that matter).  But after three years of this pandemic, the opposite has become my norm. I place a mask by my … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Back

  The House of Representatives passed today a rules package concocted by Speaker Kevin McCarthy in his bids for the job. What interesting about this rules package is its inclusion of the giveaways McCarthy conceded last week to a small … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Jan 2023

With the arrival of the New Year and the holidays behind us, everything seems pretty much the same as before the ball dropped. If anything the pandemic stands to become worse as the Chinese New Year looming. Will the 2023 … Continue reading

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Leadership Challenge?

  Kevin McCarthy, the Republican from California, is facing a leadership challenge.  You see, he wants to be the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. McCarthy needs 218 (out of 435) votes to win the Speakership. The closest he … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 1 Jan 2023

Unequivocally, the year 2022 had left a bad taste for many people.  Myself included.  It tested people’s faiths: our democracy in the forms of insurrections, our value in the reversal of abortion rights, or our moral in what right from … Continue reading

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Final Day/ Run For Year 2022

  New Year’s Eve has finally arrived in a surprising fashion – a balmy weather. Only a week ago, Washington DC was barely hitting 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That was when I had my coldest run, ever.   Today, we are at … Continue reading

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