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Putin’s New Clothes

  Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his annexation of four Ukrainian territories. His action came in defiance to the international criticism and more tellingly the reality on the battlefield. It was the modern day version of the Emperor’s New … Continue reading


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Disaster Of A Difference Color

  Disasters whether natural or man-made have in common in their destructive consequences.  As  Hurricane Ian broadsiding Florida, I could not help associating its devastating impact with the people in Ukraine who are under the assault of the Russian special … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Sep 2022

Funeral for the Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was this past Monday. The outpouring emotions from her subjects and admirers reflected the monarch’s devotion to service to her country and exemplified how one can making our soul, royalty or not. A … Continue reading

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Is Putin Playing With Fire?

  To me, the answer is yes. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is playing with fire.  His special military operation in Ukraine is dragging on for seven plus months without an end in sight.  Now doubling down, Putin has called … Continue reading

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Russia Mobilizes

  After seven months war of attrition in Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin is forced to announce this morning a mobilization of 300 thousand arm forces. Specifically, Putin asked for those “who are currently in the reserve and . . … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 18 Sep 2022

The Queen Elizabeth II of UK, the longest reigning monarch, has been lying in state at the Westminster hall pending her funeral tomorrow.  An historical transfer of monarch from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III will be witnessed by … Continue reading

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What Would Putin Do?

  Ukrainian military is handing Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a beat down in recent week. Which open a window for anti-Putin factions inside Russia to voice their opposition against the Russian leader’s specialized military operation. Internationally, Western sanctions against … Continue reading

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2022 Primary Season Is Now Over

  Yesterday, the last round of the primaries wrapped up the 2022 primary season (197 days). With 55 days to November 8th, there are some clear signs for the upcoming midterm election and potentially the 2024 Presidential Election in two … Continue reading

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What Inflation?

  “Inflation in the US and around the world is a big problem right now.” There, I just told you what I know about the inflation. Even that much I heard it from somewhere. But seems everyone is talking about … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 11 Sep 2022

Today is the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist attack. Never forget. Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 – 2022, died Thursday.  “Her devotion to duty is an example to us all,” said the new UK Prime Minister Liz … Continue reading

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