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The Snow Is Coming

Not according to any intrinsic telltale signs like my gut feelings or the time of the year.  But the authoritative weather forecast on my phone has 3 to 6 inches will be at the nation’s capital by this Saturday afternoon. … Continue reading

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On Christmas Card

Don’t know about you but I still get Christmas cards in the mail.  Yes, the plain old card with a stamp on the envelope kind.  One in particular came with a typed holiday greeting message (with a typewriter?). For sure, … Continue reading

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Self Knowledge

While running in the cold this morning, 22 degree Fahrenheit to be precise, a thought came to me, a Buddha moment if you will. And the thought was how close am I to myself? How well do I really know … Continue reading

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What People Skills?

When asked what skills do I have?  “People skills” is my answer. It may surprise some.  In that, I do have an engineering degree.  But this engineer can’t drive locomotive, ship, or airplane.  Like a Juris Doctor who can’t cure … Continue reading

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Happy Frigid Thanksgiving

Bitter cold is not only the forecast for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, but also the sound from the wind gusts hollering outside.  The holiday weather will likely “be among the coldest on record,” so says the meteorologist. I will spare you the … Continue reading

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Thank You Mr. President

The headline reads, “2018 election voter turnout: the highest level in a century for a midterm election.”  How remarkable is that! And we have the president to thank for.  Because it was him who had inflamed this voter turnout whether they … Continue reading

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My Turn At The Helm

I feel cold.  Layered over my body are my hooded sweater, flannel pajama pants, and a long sleeve T.  On top of that, I hear the heater running in the house.  Perhaps it’s the rain outside that’s making everything cold … Continue reading

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On Food We Eat

You are what you eat. Go that. I feel like a restaurant – Have been eating out a lot. True, quality food need not be expensive. And expensive food does not mean quality. But cheap food guarantees poorer quality. What … Continue reading

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There Is Justice

Yes JUSTICE!  Not the DOJ, government kind, if you follow my thoughts.  I am referring to the broader sense of the word.  In that a good deed deserves recognition and a bad one punished. The article I saw had me … Continue reading

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Confession Of A Not-so-handyman

Weather is getting cooler.  And leaves are changing color. It is early fall for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  In the years past, I would be busy training for my fall marathon.  But this year, I am done early. … Continue reading

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