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The Yin & Yang’s Of Life

  Yin and Yang are life’s opposing forces which we must accept and learn to deal with.  But often that’s easier said than done.  Take below examples for instance: Day – Night Inhale – Exhale Democrats – Republicans Democrat Progressives … Continue reading

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Lessons On Old Textbooks

  Some of my school textbooks could kill. They are big, bulky, and weigh a ton like bricks. If I were to throw them, liable to kill somebody. But the odd thing is, the more bulky (and expensive) they are, … Continue reading

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Smart Tech & Big Data

  Because of privacy concerns, I don’t use Alexa nor Google Home. They are too intrusive for  my taste.  Therefore, imaging the surprise I received by an email from my local electricity company about my usage. The notification was for … Continue reading

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A Humorless Time?

  Can’t remember the last time when I laughed ’till tears came out of my eyes. Hasn’t happened because the past eighteen months seem filled with constant fears, pent up frustrations, and a sense of everlasting hopelessness caused by events … Continue reading

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AMOC Gone Wrong?

AMOC stands for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, commonly known as the Gulf Stream.  It is an important part of our ecology and history.  Many lives depend on it.  But now due to climate change, the Gulf Stream is flowing … Continue reading

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The Cicadas Are Gone!

  Believe it or not.  It was all quiet waking up this morning. Yes, the sounds of the cicada chorus that have been hypnotizing me for the past weeks are gone.  Just like that overnight.  Poof. Instead, the familiar birds’ … Continue reading

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DST Rant

  Daylight Saving Time, Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Saving Time.  Here we go again. Tomorrow we “spring” forward (& later we “fall” back). Why keep on doing this if no real saving accrue? Not to mention the hassles of changing … Continue reading

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Mama Mia!

  You will never believe. Out of all people, I would be the last person to complain about the  winter is over.  And yet, this happens. The First Day of Spring is still nine days away.  Right here in the … Continue reading

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Week In review – 31 Jan 2021

The first hundred days of President Biden’s administration is being closely watched by the public and pundits alike. It is a tough transition, particularly on the heels of someone like President Trump.  Be that as it may, Mr. Biden is … Continue reading

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Electricity & Me

  Electricity is a vital subject that ranks almost as high as air and water.  Ask anybody looking to charge his or her cell phone, you will know what I mean.  As prevalent as electricity may be, it is a … Continue reading

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