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Week In Review – 22 Jan 023

Besides being the Lunar New Year, today is also the climax of the San Sebastian Street Festival, the largest party in Puerto Rico (SanSe 2023). So if you’re in a festive mood, here are two reasons to celebrate. On top of that, … Continue reading

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On Good Governance

  When visiting Washington DC, three buildings stand out symbolizing the US Government: the Congress, White House, and Supreme Court. They represent the physical embodiment of the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial Branches. To a large degree, Washington DC is … Continue reading


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A Drum Major For Justice

  In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., below are his own words about his legacy, shared prophetically two months before his assassination on April 4, 1968. Source: Wikipedia. On February 4, 1968, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, in speaking … Continue reading

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On MLK Day 2023

  In our seemingly divisive and fragmented society, Martin Luther King, Jr., the celebrated  civil rights leader and activist, stood out as a role model and beacon of hope for America’s future. Why? Not because his gift of oration, nor … Continue reading

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Leadership Challenge?

  Kevin McCarthy, the Republican from California, is facing a leadership challenge.  You see, he wants to be the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. McCarthy needs 218 (out of 435) votes to win the Speakership. The closest he … Continue reading

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2023 Job Openings!

  Speaker of the House  – that is the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. The job is still open after three days and ten rounds of voting.  And you don’t have to be an elected Representative in order … Continue reading

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What’s New In 2023?

  Four days into the 2023, there seem a lot of first’s in the year. First baby, first storm, first meteor shower, and list goes on. Peeling back the headlines, however, you will find there is  nothing original about these … Continue reading

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2023 – The Year To Be Fit

  Three years of Covid have me off my marathon training for the same duration.  While the pandemic continues, I will get my fitness back in shape in spite of the pandemic.  Call it a new year resolution, a goal, … Continue reading

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Extraordinary People

  One of the reasons that I blog is to capture the moment. My life moments or otherwise.  Carpe diem if you will, instead of letting time slips by my fingers like quicksands. And one observation I noticed is that … Continue reading

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Rail Worker Strike?

  The US Rail workers will go on strike if an agreement is not reached by 9 December 2022. That is in 10 days time. More specifically, four of the 12 rail unions are pushing for more negotiations on, among … Continue reading

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