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Day 1 Week 8 – Impeach the President?

Marathon Training 67 min (7 mi incl fartlek), light drizzles & 65 degree After the 16 mile run on Saturday and recovery on Sunday, my legs are back to normal and ready to go this morning.  I am very happy … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 2 Jun 2019

Freedom in not free.  If you want peace, prepare for war.  I get that.  But trade war is a different kind of war, altogether.  First, nobody wins in a trade war. In fact, many lose. And second, trade war should … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 19 May 2019

What a week this had been. I concluded my visit to Machu Picchu, and Peru in general. Took away with me, besides the pictures, many newfound knowledge. Even though my marathon training had to be modified due to the trip … Continue reading

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Day 6 Week 4 – Our Declining Credibility

  Marathon training 13 miles, humid & 67 degree Today’s run is the longest I have completed since last year’s marathon. It is the beginning of the build up of my long runs for the marathon training (I normally run … Continue reading

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Day 4 week 4 – Trade Wars & Tariffs

Marathon Training 59 min (approx 6 miles) incl fartlek, sunny & pleasant 68 degree Trade Wars & Tariffs Surely, everyone has heard by now that we are in a trade war with China.  Whether the impact from this international relation … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 2 – Has Our Souls Been Eaten?

Rest day. An Op Ed piece on New York Times Wednesday by James Comey, former FBI director, pointed out the dilemma of working for President Trump (Comey worked as the FBI director under Trump for four months). His piece is … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 1 – Sustainability

rest day, no running Even though I am running short distances ( 3 to 4 miles)  each day this week, I can feel the accumulated fatigue in my legs.   That’s why today’s break is much appreciated. The built-in breaks in … Continue reading

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Week In review – 21 Apr 2019

The weather continues to warm up into the spring in Washington DC this week. It’s safe to wash one’s car and mow the lawn without the threat of snow, salt, or below freezing temperature. However, the changing season does bring … Continue reading

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Is President Above The Law?

The answer, I believe even elementary age students would say, is ‘No.”  And a corollary is we should do what is right. Richard Nixon resigned before he was convicted. His resignation spared the nation the agonizing but necessary process that … Continue reading

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Post Robert Mueller – What Next?

Mueller report is out. The main event that preoccupied Washington political circuits for near two years is done and revealed today. Whether interested in the report or not, one has to be blind, deaf or both to not notice the … Continue reading

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