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Race Goal For 2021

  In case you haven’t noticed, my blog’s “Countdown To The Big Race” has been updated with the Virtual Boston Marathon on 8 – 10 Oct 2021. No. No. Not that I have signed up for the virtual race, some … Continue reading

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Trump Lost

  Late breaking news this morning that Biden has won Pennsylvania and subsequently secured enough electoral college votes to become the next (46th) President of the United States. In a historical race, Biden, 77 years old, sets the record for … Continue reading

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Calm Before The Storm

  With the election being 6 days away, there is an urge in me to jump into the presidential race update. But I am not going to do that. 2020 is unusual enough as is with the Covid-19. I will … Continue reading

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Battleground States For 2020

Eight days to election.  I indulge in reading the tea leaves about the two presidential candidates’ standings from USA Today: National average   Biden 51.4%, Trump 42.9% (Biden +8.6). Last week: Biden 51.9%, Trump 42.1%  12 Battleground or Swing state … Continue reading

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Violent Policing

  According to the US Census (2010), 60.4% of American are White.  If you are not-White in America, you belong to the 28.6%.  And for discussion sake, let’s say, the Black & Brown Americans category. Recent unrest in the US … Continue reading

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Confronting Scofflaw – A Good News

  Scofflaw is a term for a person who flout or violate the law. Certainly there are a varying degrees of scofflaw.  Speeding and parking meter violation are examples lessor infractions than say robbing a bank. Here s a real … Continue reading

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My Incredulous 2019 Erie Marathon

  There I was in Erie, PA, a perfect weather for marathon (62 degree), a perfect course (flat with water station every mile), and a perfect opportunity for repeat performance (my second time). What could be better? I felt ready. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Sep 2019

2019 Erie Marathon is now in the book! My time is  03:48:50.  I will have more about the race after I analyze my splits.  For now, I am glad it’s over.  Every year, I spend 20 weeks in training for … Continue reading

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Day 6 Week 20 – Marathon Eve

  Back in Erie, PA again.  This time I am staying farther away from the Presque Isle State Park where the race gonna take place.  Closer by hotels were all booked this year.  But fortunately,  I have the support of … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 19 – Post A-10 Reflection

  Marathon Training 40 min recovery jog, pleasant & 71 degree Post A-10 Reflection With the Annapolis 10 miler now behind me, Erie Marathon is in my crosshairs. However, before I dive into the marathon, a few thoughts from yesterday’s … Continue reading

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