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Things I Ignore During The Covid-19

  It is no surprise that spam, fake news, and unsolicited calls are polluting the social media. My spam filter works overtime as was. And I don’t pick up phone calls unless I recognize the numbers. Then the coronavirus hit, … Continue reading

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What Are My Weaknesses?

  No one is perfect.  Certainly I am not. When it comes to answering the question of “what are my weaknesses?” I confess that it is a difficult question for me to answer. A little background: as a project manager, … Continue reading

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The Kernel Within

  Have you noticed yourself fallen into a mechanical & routinized relationship with self and your environment? It’s easy with daily grind such as awake, work, eat, sleep then repeat cycle. We lost ourselves and our relation to the world. … Continue reading

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Old Age Is Not A Disease

  I am first to admit that my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Names of people, places, or things escape my short term memory more readily now-a-day.  I ended up resorting to writing information down to remind myself.  … Continue reading

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Money Buys Happiness?

  Don’t believe what others said about “money can’t buy happiness.”  It sure can, if you use the money well.  Want to know how? Read on. In her article titled “how to spend money to squeeze more joy out of … Continue reading

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Appreciating The Little Things

  “It’s the little things that count” as the saying goes. Whether it’s the cheerful tone in the voice, the extra bounce in the step, or other inconceivable efforts, they all add up to making a lasting impression. Recently, after … Continue reading

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Virtual Relationship

Here is the question: Can virtual relationship replace human connection? Before jumping into a debate, let me be clear that the question poses a false comparison.  Because 1) you can’t touch a virtual relationship, 2) the comparison assumes falsely a … Continue reading

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We Have A Choice

30-year-old dies after attending ‘COVID party’ thinking virus was a ‘hoax’  We have a choice with our lives. Choose poorly, life can turn on a dime. For guidance on making wise choices, look no further than Mother Nature. Pay your … Continue reading

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“I Am Happy For You”

  I am happy for you is a phrase conveyed to someone who is a recipient of something good. Five simple words, if only they are genuine. Otherwise, the sentence really means I pretend to be happy for you. Why … Continue reading

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My Fourth Of July Run

  Forgot my sandals this morning.  By the time I turned around to go home and retrieved them, the temperature was already hitting 80 degree Fahrenheit.  “It is going to be a hot one,” I said to myself.  Better grab … Continue reading

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