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On Being Professional

  On a freezing, wet, dreary day like today, my first choice is to stay in bed. Not bother with this nasty weather, traffics, and all the yucky stuffs. But I got up after a while. Days like this reminds … Continue reading

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My Simple Approach to Life

  Retired for 7 years, I plan to stay fit and healthy. Aging gracefully is now my simple approach to life. For without health, living becomes difficult, letting alone be graceful. How do I do it? Exercise, nutrition, and good … Continue reading

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Aging In Place?

  There is no place like home.  Yes, home sweet home. Understandably people want to stay in their own homes, even when they get old. That’s what “Aging In Place” means as I looked into it. As we get older, … Continue reading

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Confession Of A Surburbanite

  On the eve of the Memorial weekend, I had to drive the wife into Washington DC for a medical appointment. Normally, this kind of  business can be taken care of nearby. But not today. The only available appointment was … Continue reading

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Leisure Activities?

  My life while in the workforce was 70% hustle and 30 % leisure. 70% included the proverbial 40 hour workweek, commute, preparation, etc. The 30% leisure accounted for the weekends, holidays and other personal time. Now retired, the scale … Continue reading

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What Retirement Means To Me, Part 2

  Retirement is a new chapter.  It has allowed me to accomplish items from  my bucket list. If you don’t know what a bucket list is, let me introduce you to Lesley Carter. You can read all about her adventures.  … Continue reading

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What I Value?

  Why is it that I would fret over money wasted on buying a cheap gadget but not even flinch when wasting time idling or watching television?  After all, money can be made, over and over.  But time is irreplaceable … Continue reading

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Dead-Time Zone

  Ever experience a zero productivity time period?  When nothing gets accomplished except the time marches on?  And afterwards you feel as if you woke up from a twilight zone?  It’s what I called a dead-time zone. For me that … Continue reading

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Song Of Retirement

  Each day I live is a day closer to my death.  Sounds a bit morbid, I know, but it serves the purpose of awaking the self.  Because without death, life has no meaning.  And as a creature of habits, … Continue reading

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The “Impossible” Of Retirement

Start by doing what‘s necessary; then do what‘s possible; and suddenly you‘re doing the impossible. ~St. Francis of Assisi* Retirement helped me to move from doing what‘s necessary to what’s possible. My freedom, space, and responsibility was opened up when … Continue reading

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