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Life Is Cruel

and life is joy and all the flavors in-between. Be not, over indulgent in the peaks and valleys. But do take heart and live it to the fullest.

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Black Friday 2019

  I did it.  Went Black Friday shopping today and survived to write about it. Okay, that was a bit dramatic.  But if you read my previous post,  you knew I don’t like to go shopping. Indeed, I had no … Continue reading

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My Lifestyle

  Lifestyle to me is a afterthought.  No, really.  Allow me to explain. You see, I haven’t thought much about how to live.  That is usually determined by my roles in life. When I was working, I worked hard; when … Continue reading

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What’s Buzzing?

  The buzz is in the air – Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Five days to be exact. Exciting time to have family get together, reminiscing of old days, and catching up on latest happenings.  All good and … Continue reading

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Impeachment Hearings, Week 2

  While it is easy to chalk the impeachment hearings on President Trump as political gamesmanship, circus act, witch hunt, or whatever, the Inquiry is going on for the second week on Capital Hill. Sure both the Republican and Democrat … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 17 Nov 2019

First week into the presidential impeachment hearings, and already it has me at the edge of my seat.  In part thanks to President Trump for getting into the act by live tweeting during the hearings.  No joke.  You can’t make … Continue reading

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Still “No Climate Change”?

According a national survey in April, 69% of Americans believe that climate change is happening. That leaves 31% of the population thinking it is not, including President Trump. In fact, the Trump adminnistration is relaxing more environmental rules per the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 Nov 2019

While running, leaves are fallen on, around, and underneath me.   Signs of autumn tug hard on my reflective nerve.  Whether it’s the natural order of things or their hidden wholenss, closer examinations reveal deeper connections. Insights as such help to … Continue reading

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What Makes A Good Story?

  Everyone has stories.  And every story has similar elements: who, what, when, where, why, and how.  So what makes a story good?  A story that keeps your attention, has you sitting on edge of your seat, and lingers in … Continue reading

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Guilt By Association?

  A Thin Blue Line flag (pictured above) has been creating controversies.  According to this CNN report,  the Governor of the state of Maryland and a County Executive (which comes under the State) are getting in the act.   The flag … Continue reading

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