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Going Alone

  The danger of nationalism such as “Make America Great Again” or Brexit is this: it limits our human potential. For the success of humankind, collaboration, not isolation, is required to achieve success. Put it another way, winning at all … Continue reading

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Transparency In Government

  Given the Congress’ job is to represent the American people in overseeing the government operations, I wonder how effective it is going to perform that function post Trump’s impeachment? After-all its subpoena power has been clipped by the White … Continue reading

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Trump Post-impeachment

  Muse me if you will – if we are so incensed about being influenced or manipulated by others, whether it’s Russian meddling in our election or hacker hijacking our personal data, why do we acquiesce to Mr. Trump’s blatant … Continue reading

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Face-to-face vs Screen Time

  At risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I am a baby-boomer who prefers fact-to-face interactions over screen time when it comes to dealing with people. Human beings has a yearning for relationship.  Check.  And social media boast connections, followers, … Continue reading

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Fear Of Pain

  Is pain real?  Is emotional pain real?  What about fear of pain? Pain is real.  It is a sensation that many would avoid at all costs. So much so, the Opioid crisis in America is a proof that the epidemic … Continue reading

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Where Is Our Pride?

  With just a week into the New Year (twelve days after Christmas), we are as far from Peace on Earth or Joy to World as I can remember.  Thanks to Mr. Trump’s decision to kill Iranian military leader, general … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 5 Jan 2020

Adding cross country to cross year was what I experienced this week – crossing from the US west coast to the east and from the year 2019 to 2020.  This combination had me fatigued out by the end of the … Continue reading

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You Be The Judge

  In case you haven’t seen, Pope Francis lost his cool and slapped some woman to retrieve his hand.  Okay, okay, those are my words.  You can see the incident for yourself here. Obviously, I am no pope and would … Continue reading

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Waiting For New Year?

  With the new year just a few days away, here is the question: is 2019 a disappointment for you? Many would say yes. Even the Queen of England called it a “bumpy” year. Brexit not withstanding, progresses around the … Continue reading

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Empathy Tested

  Amazing enough I have not thrown my laptop out of the window.  Not that there is any wrong with it.  In fact, my laptop is working fine despite its look and age. What annoys me is, because it works … Continue reading

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