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Leisure Activities?

  My life while in the workforce was 70% hustle and 30 % leisure. 70% included the proverbial 40 hour workweek, commute, preparation, etc. The 30% leisure accounted for the weekends, holidays and other personal time. Now retired, the scale … Continue reading

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Waiting, Part 3

  I dislike waiting. It renders me feeling helpless. Which is the reason why I would take a longer route than be stuck in traffics. Patience is a virtue? No. I don’t think so. It is too passive and reactive … Continue reading

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Dead-Time Zone

  Ever experience a zero productivity time period?  When nothing gets accomplished except the time marches on?  And afterwards you feel as if you woke up from a twilight zone?  It’s what I called a dead-time zone. For me that … Continue reading

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Song Of Retirement

  Each day I live is a day closer to my death.  Sounds a bit morbid, I know, but it serves the purpose of awaking the self.  Because without death, life has no meaning.  And as a creature of habits, … Continue reading

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Me Organized

  I pride myself on being organized.  Particularly when I worked as a project manager with a multi-million dollar contract.  Here are my go to resources for getting things done.  But first a word about my work environment. I worked … Continue reading

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Value Of Things

  Value is often equated to money.  Like how much is a house? a car? etc.  But I prefer to think of value in term of time.  Yes, like day, week, month.  Allow me to elaborate. You see, money is … Continue reading

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Relativity Of Time

  For some reasons I keep on thinking today is Sunday (it’s actually Tuesday).  Maybe it has to do with the recent trip I took that I am still recovering from, or the blistering cold that is keeping me hibernating … Continue reading

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  Evolution happens in concert with the environment over time. The driving force behind our evolution is illustrated by Darwin’s survival of the fittest.  And it has governed the  human progress for more than 200,000 years.  Getting to where we … Continue reading

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On Being Chronic

  Being chronic has a connotative association to things negative.  Chronic disease, chronic worrying, chronic illness . . . Whatever the situation, being chronic implies a long term happening that will wear us down.  It saps our energy, choice, or … Continue reading

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Writing As An Exercise

  ”Use-it-or-lose-it,“ everyone has heard it before. And I bear witness to that saying as absolutely true. More so as I grow older and my motivation for writing. You see, our mind trick us, thinking that we got it. Whatever … Continue reading

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