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Morning Run At C&O Canal

  Mere a week ago, I ran in the temperature of 40’s (Fahrenheit).  Today in the 70’s.  The contrast could not be more telling.  A week ago, it was cold and windy (thanks to the polar vortex) with few people … Continue reading

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Polar Vortex In The Forecast

  The arctic jet stream from the North will pay us at the Mid Atlantic a visit this weekend. If we get snow, it will be a first for me this late in the year.  Either way, I will be … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here

  Even though first day of Spring is still 10 days away according to the calendar, my senses tell me that it is already here.  How do I know? You ask. One, temperature forecast has today’s high as 72 degree … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 1 Mar 2020

The COVID-19 has been on the minds of many people.  Myself included. It has thus far infected 88,352 people in 67 countries and territories and killed 3,001 globally. And the trend is continuing. The US has over 70 cases identified … Continue reading

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February Musing

Amazingly, It’s last week of February, and we haven’t seen much of snow this season. February is supposed to be the coldest time of the year around here.  But the temperature has been relatively mild. So much so, I took … Continue reading

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Winter Mood (Yuk!)

  There are many downsides to winter.  One of the biggest negatives is the lack of connection with nature.  I like nature but not in the cold. Instead of dwell and admire the beauty of the season, I minimize my … Continue reading

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1st Cold Run Of 2020

  The car dashboard says 25 degree (Fahrenheit) outside when I started my run. This cold may be nothing for some folks. But for me, it is my first cold weather run for the year 2020. And no question, I … Continue reading

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Something In The Air

  The air this morning was different.  It’s got a bite to it. Besides the wind slapping my face, what caught my attention was the overcast sky, laden with clouds. So thick, they looked ready to burst.  Hair on the … Continue reading

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Winter Ho-hum

  After my 6 week trip to warmer places, I am slowly acclimating back to the cold surroundings at home. And I will be honest – it’s been difficult. Not only the weather cold and windy, it snowed yesterday. In … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2019

  With the Thanksgiving holiday only days away, the US will be hit by twin storm – one on the west coast and central plan and the other to the northeast. The timing is quite ironic. The storm will wreak … Continue reading

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