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Day 2 Week 9 – Acclimating

  Marathon Training 84 min (7 miles + 6 hill repeats), sunny & warm, 72 degree In three days “summer begins” so says my calendar.  Wouldn’t you know it, I am already feeling the heat when I run in the … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 8 – Misty Morning

  Marathon training 48 min (5 mi), overcast, light drizzles & 66 degree Misty Morning Ah, misty morning.  How fortunate for me.  Second time it rained in the morning this week.  And I got to run worry free.  No sunscreen, … Continue reading

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Day 6 Week 1 – End of April Long Run

10 miles, windy & mid 60s Winds blow pollen into my eyes. Makes me almost want to cry. A perfect day to run, otherwise. With friends and strangers sharing strides. Conversations and camaraderie fill the air. Wonderful long run memory … Continue reading

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Week In review – 21 Apr 2019

The weather continues to warm up into the spring in Washington DC this week. It’s safe to wash one’s car and mow the lawn without the threat of snow, salt, or below freezing temperature. However, the changing season does bring … Continue reading

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Spring Break Run

Stepped outside and the air was refreshingly cool.  Refreshing because I did not need my gloves, windbreaker, or other shields to protect me from the weather elements.  In fact, my tank top and shorts was the perfect choices for my … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Mar 2019

Material possession is not an end in itself.  It supposes to serve our needs but not becoming our needs.  In the choice of to have or to experience, I value the experiences over things.  Case in point being the all … Continue reading

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Tortuous Winds

Can’t remember for how long, but I have been listening to the nasty winds outside ripping against my window sills.  The whole episode is like a thriller story keeping me on edge. With little or no warning, wind gusts rattle … Continue reading

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Please Rain

Never thought I would miss the rain.  Especially for running, I prefer dry weather over wet.  The soaked gears chafing over my body is definitely no fun, in fact painful.   I would avoid it as much as possible. So why … Continue reading

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March Madness (San Basketball)

In less than a week, Spring will have arrived.   Something that I have been holding my breath and looking forward for awhile.   But life has an interesting way revealing itself.  At least that is how it unfolded for me today. … Continue reading

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This March Weather

I am still not over yesterday.  It was one of those days, the hell froze over in Washington area.  No life form outside.  Only the occasion sounds from the mail and trash trucks screeching down the street, woke up one’s … Continue reading

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