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Work Is A Four Letter Word

  In January 2015, I retired from working.  And I have not  looked back since. Here is my reason for why not. Yes, there are a lot to be said about working.  It provides dignity, in addition to other benefits … Continue reading

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Dead-Time Zone

  Ever experience a zero productivity time period?  When nothing gets accomplished except the time marches on?  And afterwards you feel as if you woke up from a twilight zone?  It’s what I called a dead-time zone. For me that … Continue reading

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Me Organized

  I pride myself on being organized.  Particularly when I worked as a project manager with a multi-million dollar contract.  Here are my go to resources for getting things done.  But first a word about my work environment. I worked … Continue reading

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What Are You Good At?

  Recently while watching a documentary on Elon Musk the business magnate of Space-X and Tesla fame, one thing clicked in my head was that to find what one is good at is to see what comes naturally or easily.  … Continue reading

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Value Of Labor

  There is value in labor. It makes one appreciate things. Nothing comes about without someone‘s labor. We just take them for granted. Appreciate the sweats from working hard. Labor is what our world builds on and depends. How is … Continue reading

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What Are My Weaknesses?

  No one is perfect.  Certainly I am not. When it comes to answering the question of “what are my weaknesses?” I confess that it is a difficult question for me to answer. A little background: as a project manager, … Continue reading

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Call Me A “Leisure Class”

  “What do you do everyday in retirement?” is a common question I get.  The curiosity is understandable. Without purpose or direction, life can be aimless and likely boring. And for many, work fills that void. It provides structure. Wake … Continue reading

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Prerequisite For “Value-added”

Every business wants to be value added. Be it in products, services, or both. But a prerequisite of being value added is to understand what the customers want. Not what the business wants. This is easier said than done. Market … Continue reading

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“Seeking Challenge”

Common in resumes is the phrase “seeking greater or increasing challenges” – the reason to move or advance one’s career.  While no doubt in the job seeker’s intention, the phrase is often misused for the career move.  Why? How many … Continue reading

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Being Professional

It’s pouring down rain, and I hear the trash truck roaring by outside.  Two trash collectors soaked by the downpours are nevertheless gathering bags of trashes in the neighborhood.  In a few minutes they move on as the thunderstorm intensifies … Continue reading

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