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Going Inward

  When life gets busy, lesser priorities fell by the wayside.  But recently, my life has not been busy, I missed still more things. What is happening here?  Could it be the winter blues, Covid-19 stay-at-home, or some other hidden … Continue reading

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Heavy Yoga Moments

  Body trembling, breath huffing and puffing, and sweat dripping down . . .  No I am not running a marathon but practicing my yoga.  Yes, yes, I know. Those are not words  typically describe yoga. But they are exactly … Continue reading

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Yoga On The Road

  Guess what? A yoga room in the airport?  Yes.  It is true.  When I saw the signs in the San Francisco International Airport, I just had to check it out for myself. What a concept?  I wished I had … Continue reading

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Week In Review -16 Dec 2018

In today’s political climate, negotiating nicely seems preposterous and makes the negotiator appearing vulnerable.  But if the end goal is to move forward with trust and cooperation,  negotiating nicely not only makes sense but is preferred. Further, a prerequisite to any … Continue reading


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Yoga Appeal

  I do yoga.  What appeals me about the yoga is its combined benefits of mind and body.  The meditative as well as the physical benefits from its poses and flow produce a synergistic effect right from the get-go that … Continue reading

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Inspiring Yogi

I was looking for some motivation for my yoga practice, and lo and behold I came across Laruga Glaser’s demo video (see below).  The video was filmed by Alessandro Sigismondi, a yoga practitioner herself, and titled: The Impossible . . … Continue reading

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Day 2 Week 19 – Heat Wave Break

Cross training, no running. The air conditioning has been running all day.  The poor thing is working overtime against a heat wave that hit the Capital region today. With the daytime high in the 90’s and evening low in the … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 5 – Stretches

  No running today (to give my body and mind a break). I have been running as part of my marathon training for over a month now.  Happy to say my body is getting toned, legs are stronger, and complexion … Continue reading

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My Favorite Boost – YOGA

Around five-ish in the afternoon when my energy starts to tank, I look for a pick-me-up’er to stop my dragging around like a snail.  A boost to tide me over until dinner if you will.  And generally my options are … Continue reading

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Daily Practice?

Why does it have to be daily?  Can I skid a day or two?  What about the weekends? These are the questions that went through my head in November of  2017 before I started my daily yoga practice.  Now two plus … Continue reading

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