Bathing In The Afternoon Sun

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As the sun casting lazily on the ground, the eyelids of mine are getting heavy.

Mind you that afternoon siesta per se is not my hobby.

Just everything is so inviting:

the rhythmic traffic sounds outside my window,

the gentle caress of the breeze flowing thru the doorway,

all weaved into a lullaby that has me trapped inside.

And I, am in no hurry to go anywhere.

Which hobby nourishes you the best?


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The Last Mile

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The last mile is undoubtedly the hardest part of a marathon. Body is tired, and yet one more mile to go.  The last mile.  Never mind accumulated fatigue, enduring pain, or self doubt. The last mile is a test of will on how to cross that finishing line. 

The last mile also applies to life’s events: whether school, relationship, work, and other endeavors.  The same test gets repeated over and over.   Its importance can not be overstated.  It is what separates winner from loser, success from failure. 

So what makes or breaks us in that last mile?  Is it strength, stamina, faith or something else? Whatever it is.  Whatever comes into play will get put on the line.  It is so close and yet so far away – that is what the last mile represents.   

Are you ready for it?

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Week In Review – 1 Dec 2019

Already, it’s the first of December.  Oh my! How quickly has the time gone.  And yet there are still so much to do. 

Time and money are two concepts that can work together. For instance, when invested properly, money can grow over time.  It’s called the time value of money.  The two are not as dichotomous as they may appear. 

In fact, over the Thanksgiving holiday, I witnessed many folks spent time shopping on the Black Friday to save themselves money.  Especially with the eCommerce, holiday sales seems to start earlier each year. 

For sure, the internet has changed the life of many.  Or more precisely the way of life.  Like any tools, if applied properly it can make our world more efficient and productive.  Or it can be a time sink making you wonder where has the time gone.  Buyer beware.

Have a nice week!

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Black Friday 2019

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I did it.  Went Black Friday shopping today and survived to write about it.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic.  But if you read my previous post,  you knew I don’t like to go shopping. Indeed, I had no intention to buy anything but to witness the hype of the so called biggest sales day of the year.  And it did not disappoint. 

People were out in droves.  Traffic jams in the shopping center parking lots.  And long lines at the check out.  In one store, the line was so long, a store staff held the “end of the line” sign to direct people where to queue up and pay.

On the plus side, since I wasn’t competing with anyone, people seemed in a jovial holiday mood. On top of that the weather was decent. And stores were decked out in festival colors. Surprisingly, the overall experience turned out fairly good for me albeit a bit tiresome.  

How was your Black Friday?

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My Lifestyle

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Lifestyle to me is a afterthought.  No, really.  Allow me to explain.

You see, I haven’t thought much about how to live.  That is usually determined by my roles in life. When I was working, I worked hard; when my kids were young, I made it a priority to tend to their needs. And now retired, I am a leisure class.  I devote time to myself.

Certain people have a preferred lifestyle:  a house with four car garage, traveling to all the continents, missionary work in underdeveloped countries, whatever.     But  I . . . more like a chameleon – change with my environment and circumstance.  Keeping up with the Jones never appeals to me.

My lifestyle is not extravagant by any means.  But it is comfortable to my taste.  I live within my means, yet not under it.  No more saving for  house, college or retirement.  Being there, done that.  I live to do what I want to do.

What is your lifestyle?



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The Digital Divide

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Don’t know about you, but I have come to rely on eCommerce for many tasks: bills’ payments, banking transaction, and a host of other business orders.  I have stamps that are leftover from years ago.  Thanks to the email vice US mail.

Not bragging about my digital life. By comparison, I am a relative latecomer in digital citizenship. I still carry cash in my wallet in case credit cards are not welcomed.  Still not trusting Facebook as my means to connect with others.  Still have a plain old telephone at home.

No doubt technology is evolving and the trend will continue as the digital infrastructure improves.  More people will hop on-board for the digital’s speed and convenience, switching away from the traditional media. 

Mark my words that one day, we will be a cashless society with self driving cars.  I just don’t know when.

Where do you stand on this digital divide?

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Thanksgiving 2019

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With the Thanksgiving holiday only days away, the US will be hit by twin storm – one on the west coast and central plan and the other to the northeast. The timing is quite ironic. The storm will wreak havoc for many Americans as they journey home. 

You see, this storm will cover coast to coast and undoubtedly making travel condition challenging,  On top of that, the holiday is projected to have a “record breaking” travelers this year.  Like adding fuel to the fire.  

Won’t be easy for the travelers and those who work to keep the transportation grids moving.  Perhaps a silver lining to all these is that the storm will make folks more grateful for having family, friends together over the holiday. 

I know I certainly will, as my son will be one among those traveling this year. 

What is your Thanksgiving plan?


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Time Versus Money

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It always seems to be a dilemma between money and time: when I was in school, I had lots of time but little money, and when I entered the work force, I had money but little time.  Life is funny that way.

Does our use of time and money have to be a dichotomy? After all we have limited time, for instance 24 hours a day.  The more time spent working (i..e making money) means less for other stuffs. Right?

Not exactly.  Money may not buy happiness but it can buy time.  How?  One word: outsourcing.  Instead of doing the chores yourself, you can hire someone to mow your lawn, delivery your groceries, wash your car, clean your house, etc.

Money and time do not have to be opposites.  Up to us to decide how we value them and use them wisely.  If anything, I would value time over money.  That is the reason why I retired four years ago to enjoy my time instead of making more money.

How do you see your time-money relationship?

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Week In Review – 24 Nov 2019

Ever since retirement, I believe that my life is simple – no work, no commute, and no pressure! Right? But is life ever simple? Not if it comes to relationships.  Thus having a virtual sanctuary comes in handy.

The on-going impeachment hearings serves as a good example.  It hits home the point that power corrupts.  When someone has power over you (e.g. your boss, client, etc.), chances are your integrity will be tested whenever conflict arises.

Therefore, what to do and what to say do matter.  Especially in the court of public opinion, words carry significant power. It can shape opinion, influence reality, and alter history.  No wonder that creating a buzz is certain special professions’ mission.

Have a nice week!

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What’s Buzzing?

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The buzz is in the air – Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Five days to be exact. Exciting time to have family get together, reminiscing of old days, and catching up on latest happenings.  All good and part of the tradition for the holiday.

Also par for the course is the Friday after Thanksgiving, when stores offer deep discounts to kick off the holiday shopping spree, and shoppers reciprocating the offer by lining up early to take advantage of  the sales.  So called the Black Friday.

The downside of this buzz is that starts the clock ticking towards the Christmas and New Year.  Two major holidays in the US where gift exchanging is the expectation or the norm. As such, it is also a stressful time for me because I suck at gift shopping.

Not only that, getting a list started for the people that I need shop gift for is insurmountable.  That is how bad I am at this challenge.  Each year I muddled through it, mostly with the help from my wife.  Nevertheless it’s the buzz that kills me.

How does the upcoming holidays make you feel?

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