Tell It Like It Really Is?

Tell it like it really is.  Sounds simple and straight forward, right?

Not so, not here in Washington DC.  The response one will get most likely is a chuckle, a grunt, or “Say what?  Are you crazy? Nobody does that.”  Please don’t laugh, it is steeped in our history.

In Washington DC, spin it, hook it, and spit it out is the standard operating procedures.  This practice dates back to the early dates of our republic, in the myth where the young George Washington was quoted saying, “I cannot tell a lie”  as regarding to cutting down his father’s favorite cherry tree.

How come nobody wants to tell it like it really is? You wonder. What is wrong with that simple approach? Or has the Swamp gobbled up any remaining honesty? Give people what they want to hear seems to prevail here.  Can’t anybody handle the truth anymore?

If you’re curious, plenty Washingtonian Tell-All  books are available.  Give them a read, then try to answer the question.

Do you think it’s hard to tell it like it really is?

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Week In Review 8 Apr 2018

Yes it is April in Washington DC, and we are still getting snow flurries on occasions. Go figures. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring already? Good thing that I am not cherry blossom nor putting all my hopes on the weather. It would have driven me crazy for sure.

What keeping my sanity intact and emotions grounded during this time of the year are my favorite boost activity of yoga, my blissful retirement, and my fond memory of the progress that technology has brought us and continued to improve our quality of life.

Maybe I am an optimist. But I believe as long as we be smart in applying our knowledge, developing tools that help us dealing with the world we face, we will continue to reinvent ourselves in addressing the tough challenges ahead.

Have a nice week.

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Knowledge Made Useful

Knowledge is cheap.  Or more precisely, access to knowledge is cheap.  Anyone with a smartphone and connection to the internet has abundant information at their finger tips. In matter of seconds, one can find any topics of interest.

Dare I say that with artificial intelligence, information retrieval is made easier more than ever.  Why then would anyone bother to get a book from the library, go to school, or study for that matter?  Why don’t we just ask Google or Siri?

Here lies the rub.  Quick knowledge does not make individual an expert.  In fact too much information hinders one’s decision process. The key is to discern how the abundant knowledge apply to specific life situation?

Does it apply to me?  Is that what I really want?  Will this work in my case? When comes down to it, there is no substitution for judgement, which is a function that is still best suited for human.

How information technology helps you in making better decisions?

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Friday Musings

It’s Friday afternoon.  And I used to get very excited about it. Oh yeah, because Friday afternoon is the beginning of the weekend. I say “used to” because I haven’t felt the same since I retired three plus years ago.

In fact, nowadays, I actually look forward to the weekdays instead.  Sounds crazy, right?  Honestly, weekday for me is less crowded.  Yes.  Weekdays between 10 AM and 2 PM is my prime time.  Roads are cleared. Stores are open and no lines at the checkout.

Retirement is an envy for many.  I consider myself lucky to have reached this milestone.  It enables me to pursue other interests and allows me the opportunity to explore my hidden talents if I may so call them.

What is my mission now? You ask.  Well, I want to make sure that I am content with my life.  If I can help others along the way by all means.  Discover more fun in life, and share the joy around.

Without the baggage of making a living (being there, done that), now is my term.

How is your Friday?

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Spring Is In The Air

Went out for a 5 mile jog this afternoon.  Temperature was in the low 50’s.  But the breeze sent a quiver down my back as I stepped outside.  Despite the sunny appearance, the temperature felt chilly and more like in the 40’s.

In theory, the weather is going to warm up.  But the Spring has a way of teasing us.  April showers and clouds hide the sun’s full appearance.  Can’t quite put away the coat, hat, and gloves just yet.  Must be patient for Mother Nature to take her pace.

But it does not fool the plants.  As I ran by a cherry blossom, its flowers are in full swing.  And trees, their leaves are budding out.  No longer the skeletal silhouette of their former selves.  Right on queue following the nature cycle.


Spring Is In The Air


Amazing how impatient I have been in the past to run away from the cold winter, get on with the warmer weather, and miss this Spring transformation that is happening all around me right now.  I suppose this is what mindfulness about.  For sure, Spring is in the air.

Have you noticed the Spring beyond what is on the calendar?

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Reblog: Evolution of Data Storage

This is like a walk down the memory lane for me.  Believe it or not, as an engineering student I used the punched cards for computer programming.  Those were the days.

# # #

Everybody stores data. We often take the devices that store our data for granted, as they have become so inexpensive and efficient. But we’ve come a long way from the early days of computing. Take a look at 14 of the most important devices in the history of data storage.

Source: The Evolution of Data Storage – Take a look at 14 devices in the history of data storage.

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My Favorite Boost – YOGA

Around five-ish in the afternoon when my energy starts to tank, I look for a pick-me-up’er to stop my dragging around like a snail.  A boost to tide me over until dinner if you will.  And generally my options are two:  snack or exercise.

Snack is what I get when I am in a hurry.  Not necessarily healthy, depending on what I can get my hands on at the moment (usually junk foods), it’s a quick fix.  Understandably, the surge of calories is not without its price of sugar crash and increased waistline later.

The other option, exercise, you probably guessed it, is the healthier choice.  And yes, I know that I always have a choice.  So when feasible, yoga is my favorite option.  Because it lifts my mind and body without negative consequences.

You see, my yoga moves, along with the breathing, accelerate my blood circulation and oxygen intake.  All at a pace that I can control.  And after a brief practice, my body is relaxed and mind refreshed.

The best part – with yoga I get my energy recharged minus the calories.

What is your go-to fix?



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Reblog: April

From time to time, I get an awakening call. And Claire’s post gets the honor this time. Stay true to the self and engage the world bravely. Those are the words of encouragement I sought.  Maybe for you as well.

invisible necessity

protect yourself

but stay soft in the centre

and reach out past your defences

Thoughts for the start of April, for autumn in NZ.

For all those bravely trying to be true to themselves, speaking, writing, creating, loving the world.

We need to take care of ourselves and be a little cautious, without becoming risk averse, without becoming hardened and cynical.

We need to find ways to please the eye and feed the soul. Ways to warm our hearts and sweeten our words.

To keep reaching out to engage with the world even when it’s tough – that’s the brave thing – the creative act.

Working out how to keep yourself centred and true – that’s the spirit work.

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Week In Review – 1 Apr 2018

Weirder than fiction.  No sooner than I posted about redirection and deception this week, Rep. Amoldei of Nevada provides an apropos real life example that I am not sure if I am grateful or mournful about it.

As a U.S. Congressman, Amoldei has his reason for what he said.  I am not the one to judge and will leave that honor to the Nevada voters.  We all have to answer to somebody if not to ourselves.

Meanwhile, the weather has been crazy.  I am totally confused between what the forecast says and what really happens.  Nevertheless I am trying to maintain a sense of balance.  One way or other, I will get my mojo working.

Have a nice week.


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On Human Answer

The Nature’s answer is logical like the water cycle explainable by physics.  It makes our world ticks. And by extension, our human life and history possible.

Our Human answer, on the other hand, is emotional.  Often justified with logic that is beyond physics.  Simply because we are emotional beings.

Our history lessons is filled with examples of perils as well as inspirations resulting from such traits.

Take love and hate, two most noticeable emotions in everyday common life. Their intensity gives us extreme examples such as Mother Theresa and Adolph Hitler.

As powerful as they maybe, emotions are not harnessed like we do with technology.  We become Sisyphus repeating these lessons over and over.

What is the right answer? Better yet, is there a right answer?  May I suggest looking into Nature’s answer for clues.  For its longevity and importantly before we destroy it.

What is your answer?

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