Yearning For Human Touch

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Thanks to the Coronavirus, I can’t remember when was the last time that I attended an in-person event (other than my Saturday group runs). That says something about the impact of this pandemic on my and everybody else’s social activities and mental hygiene.

Practically, all meetings have shifted to online. Social gatherings as well. No meet up in person. No grab a drink/ bite/ cup of coffee with anybody. And with weather getting colder, outdoor dining opportunities are becoming less and less.

What can we do? Where can we go?

For certain businesses and functions, an online virtual relationship may be workable. But for individuals and singles, in-person face-to-face social interaction is indispensable. The Covid-19 has made things difficult.  And the long term impact are incredible.

What do you get your fill of in-person interactions?


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Sorting Out The Emotions

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Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.~ Pema Chodron

Emotions run high as one reads the news headlines.  Following the attack on the US Capital last Wednesday, FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week. Are we over-reacting?


But, if a person were on the Capital Hill protesting or being protested, wouldn’t the person be worried somebody maybe looking for him or her? Regardless, one thing certain is that built-up emotional energy needs relief.  And the off-ramp hopefully is a constructive one.

In that context, the Pema Chodron’s quote above has a calming effect for me.  One, it lets me know that fear is natural and part of being human. Two, I need to let it run its course.  And three, perhaps through all the fear and angers, we can move closer to the truth.

How are you feeling about where we are headed?

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Week In Review – 10 Jan 2021

As bad as the news on Coronavirus ravaging the country, hard to believe something else could supersede it. Well something did.

Calling it “a sad day in America,” our degenerative, polarized political free-for-all behaviors got to an ugly outcome this past Wednesday.  Mobs breaching into the US Capital marauded the most sacred chambers of our Democracy.

Moreover, 5 people died as a result.  Lawmakers, staffs, reporters, and a score of government officials had their lives threatened for doing their jobs.  Incredibly,  this mayhem was incited by none other than our president, Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump reminds me of the proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ The outcry from the tragic event this week on Capital Hill forces him to acknowledge his defeat in the November election after denying it for 8 weeks.

Talking about lessons learned, I believe that no one should demand loyalty and separation of powers are prudent principles for the future administrations.  Finally I leave you with an inspirational video by Arnold Schwarzenegger about this past Wednesday.

Stay safe & Have a nice week.

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Is Demanding Loyalty Appropriate?

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The short answer to the question is no. It is never appropriate to demand loyalty in the workplace, at home or elsewhere.  Why not? Because loyalty is a two way street between partners whether employer-employee, boss-subordinate, husband-wife, etc.

It is akin to dictating happiness or declaring love.  Only one-sided psychosis is satisfied and even that won’t last.  Case in point is Mr. Trump’s notorious demand of loyalty from his people.  And as proven, many have failed his test.

On Wednesday, rioters loyal to the President answered his call and stormed the US Capital.  And Trump repaid them with a pre-recorded message saying “go home, we love you.”  But in reality, it was just a one-sided love affair – fealty from his supporters.

It is all about Mr. Trump. Always has been.

How long will Mr. Trump’s “loyal” following last?

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Trump Concedes

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A deliverance for rest of us?  With 12 days left in the White House, Mr. Trump has demonstrated there is a red line that should not be crossed even for the president of the United States. Let’s see:

The US reported yesterday more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths in a single day for the first time.  And Dr. Fauci has predicted a worsening trend to come due to the holiday travel & gathering.  Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has disengaged himself from this crisis altogether.

The Covid-19 relief package negotiated between the Democrats and Republicans was delayed by Mr. Trump who was not involved in the detailed discussions nor made his objections known prior to the package passed by the Congress. People suffered as a result.

Finally Mr. Trump’s conceded the day after he incited rioters to storm the Capital. This seditious act caused 5 people died, disruption to the certification of the Electoral College vote, and blowback calls for his removal from the office.

Do you think it’s time for Mr. Trump to step down?


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A Sad Day In America

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Sadness washes over me as the footage of the mob storming the Capital played on my screen.  Law & order was nowhere in the temple of Democracy. Another preventable disaster that this administration has failed to mitigate.

I do not feel safe from watching the videos. What about those lawmakers, staff, or reporters that were inside of the Capital building? I can only imaging.

Yes, people have the right to redress their grievances, but PEACEFULLY.   What the mob did on the Capital Hill yesterday was clearly out of bound.  And the government failed majorly in enforcing and protecting the rights of the law abiding citizens.

The question is why weren’t the government prepared?  Certainly it’s not due to lack of resources.

The contrast between yesterday’s policing (or lack it) and the enforcement for the Black Life Matter (aka George Floyd) protest in the past summer has not gone unnoticed.  Does the color of the protesters have anything to do with it?  Why did the government react differently?

Shouldn’t we rather face the truth then hide from it?

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Protesters Breaching the US Capital!

Chaos at Capitol as Pro-Trump protesters clash with police during 2nd day of rallies | WTOP

Protesters Breaching the US Capital As Congress Certifying the Electoral College Vote (Source:

It is happening. Protesters supporting Mr. Trump have breached the US Capital building,  disrupting the certification process of the Elector College vote.  Both the House and Senate are being forced into recess.  And the Capital building itself is in lockdown.

What will happen next is anybody’s guess.  But one thing is for sure, the scene is usually seen elsewhere around the world but not in the US. Obviously, a tense situation that can touch off serious consequences.  And Mr. Trump is directly responsible for encouraging the protesters’ actions.

Talking about a lose-lose proposition, Mr. Trump’s scorching earth tactic is making a mockery of American Democracy and us the laughing stock around the world!  Thanks Mr. President.  Not.

Stay tune.

Update – New York Times footage of the rioters storming the Capital

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Separation Of Powers

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All eyes are on today’s Georgia senatorial run-off, except mine.  Either way, President-elect Biden will have challenges in unifying the country.  The certification of the electoral college vote is a case in point.  A formality per the Constitution is now turning into a spectacle.

Many blame Mr. Trump or his supporters on the Capital Hill.  But if 39% of the country do not believe the November Presidential election was free and fair, the problem is much deeper than politicians.  Easy consensus is out the window in such scenario.

Personally, I prefer the separation of powers. Having the same party controlling the White House, Senate and House makes it way too easy to take the path of least resistance.  I fear public interest will ultimately be sacrificed for political convenience or partisanship.

We are facing a mounting Coronavirus crisis.  What would the government do to convince its freedom loving citizens to wear masks?  Implementing a martial law or nationwide lockdown does not seem to fit. What then will the government do, checks and balances included?

How quickly you think the next administration will be able to control the Covid-19?

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The Political Free-For-All

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16 days to the presidential inaugural, Mr. Trump is still quacking about the election outcome. Not only making noise, Mr. Trump is also whipping his own Party to his cause.

Sure, nobody likes to lose. I got that. But the lunacy goes beyond a handful of individuals.  Besides Trump, at least 140 House Republicans and 12 Senators intend to object the certification of the Electoral College count on the Capital Hill this Wednesday.

And yes they are acting out of their political interests.  Reuters/Ipsos polling shows that 39 percent of Americans believe ‘the election was rigged.’ The breakdowns are as follows: 67 percent among the Republicans, 17 percent the Democrats, and 31 percent the Independents.

Not that Mr. Trump and his supporters will be able to subvert the election outcomes. Thank goodness.  The free-for-all only showcases whom they can bully the most, and how much loyalty Mr. Trump commands.

Do you plan to watch the political circus on Wednesday (6 Jan)?

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Week In Review – 3 Jan 2021

Welcome to the first Week In Review for 2021.

As we crossed the New Year, some of our human drama and tragedies got carried over as well. Why wouldn’t them? There is no firewall to stop the phenomenons from the “lost year,” a term some folks liked to characterize the year 2020.

In fact, looking at the trends the phenomenons will only intensify in the coming weeks and months. Take the Coronavirus for example. It is all but guaranteed to surge post-New Year based on the Thanksgiving and Christmas data. 

Not to mention, impacts from the Brexit and Mr. Trump’s relentless attempts to overturn the US Presidential election outcome are still unfolding.  Best to say your Happy New Year and move on. Because things will likely be as difficult if not more this year.

Personally, I am not surprised by these late developments.  To me the year label is only  social and independent to our human journey.  And as we progress on the long arc of human evolution, we must continue to ask the larger questions.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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