In Anticipation

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Nothing yet.

Peeking out the window, no signs of my package.

Where is that package which

the tracking says “out for delivery” since morning?

Gifting is supposed to be fun.

But not to me.

Certainly not the way it feels now.

Such a torture.

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Predictive Analytic, the Modern Crystal Ball?

Having data or collecting data is not valuable. Using data is.   ~ Dr. Ravi Kalakota

Doesn’t matter if it is data -base, -warehouse, or -lake, size of the data matters only if the data can be used in a meaningful way.   Otherwise it is just a maintenance headache.  Ask Marriott whose database was recently hacked.

And meaningful uses of data do exist.  The most intriguing application, to me, of the big data is the “predictive analytics.”  Or as Eric Siegel in his Youtube video below calls it, “what is likely to happen?”  Who would not want to have such a crystal ball?

But unlike forecasting, which is an aggregate overall estimate, predictive analytic works on the treatment of individuals, by offering likely options to persuade the individual to act. Also known as persuasive modeling.

In other words, predictive analytic can’t predict what will happen naturally.  Like when the next earthquake will hit.  But it can predict (with probability better than guessing) how each potential buyer will react to a set of given stimuli.

Therefore, predictive analytics is a tool that can help organizations to target the intended audiences with cost effective strategies through carefully analyzed buyer behavior and discriminated suggestions.  And hopefully, influence them.

How could you use predictive analytics in your area?


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Reblog: Nutrition Against Aging

As much as I hate to admit, getting older does take a toll on my body.  Besides training methods, nutrition has become an indispensable part of maintaining or improving my running performance.

Here are the main concerns of aging and recommendations on eating to age gracefully (Source: 6 Nutrition Obstacles Senior Athletes Need to Overcome | MyFitnessPal).

  1. Slower metabolism – choose quality foods over quantity
  2. Weaker bones – increase calcium rich and vitamin D fortified intakes
  3. Losing muscle – seek out protein for building lean muscle mass
  4. Waning appetite/ taste – select nutrient rich foods
  5. Declining thirst – drink fluids frequently to prevent dehydration
  6. Reduced absorption – consume well balanced & colorful diet

How do you counter the effect from aging?

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Half Of Internet?

Every day upon waking up,  I turn on my cell phone and check what’s the news of the day, what the weather is like, and what’s in my inbox. Pretty standard stuffs I presumed.  And these activities, beside being on a mobile platform, are internet based.

Imagine my surprise when I learned more than half of the world are not connected to the internet according to the World Economic Forum.  Yes, some 3.9 billion people around the globe or more than 52% of the world’s population are still not online.

That’s every other person we are talking about.

Besides the disparity in information and knowledge sharing, a gross imbalance between the Have and Have-not exists in terms of the digital economy, disaster management, and data automation are examples come to mind.

Moreover, we are missing out on an opportunity to do better for our planet.

What good is the “World Wide Web” when only less than half of the people participate in it?  Isn’t a full brain better than a half brain?  Or put it another way: wouldn’t the Web be that much more useful when we get the majority of, if not all, people on it?

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Week In Review – 2 Dec 2018

We have made it to December.  This is after Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, etc.  If this sounds a bit frantic, it was.  Nevertheless, we have made it.  In the years past, I would have completed my Fall Marathon and be recovering during this period, coasting along.

This year my Erie Marathon was in early September.  Which gave me lot more time to get back on my feet and to reflect on things before the year vanishes.  This extra time/ space allowed me to slow down and appreciate the finer details of my life.

Be it my emotions on joy-sadness, fear-anger, or my other attributes, it’s an adventure in self discovery that had been overlooked in haste.   And from doing so I am able to incorporate the high intensity interval training, to extend my fitness post marathon.

Last but certainly not the least, former president George H.W. Bush passed away on Friday at an age of 94.  His dedication to public services and leadership offer a shining example that will be sorely missed.

Have a nice week.

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Here We Are

Half truth and fake news, what are we to believe?

Civility and humility,  couldn’t we just get along?

On compassion and unity, where do we find them?

Do look and tell, they are right within us.

December musings

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Stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  It is the secret to fitness training, and how a 101 year old set a world record for centenarian cyclist distance (in an hour).  According to the AARP, HIIT is one of the most important fitness approaches that may reverse the effect of aging.

In running terms, it’s tempo intervals – running at an aerobic pace that is slightly faster than lactate threshold, followed by slower pace breaks, or recovery intervals between the fast repeats, at quarter of the repeat length (e.g. 2 minutes tempo and 30 seconds recovery).

Of course, HIIT is applicable to any aerobic exercises including walking, biking, weight lifting and even yoga.  As long as the exercise includes high intensity and intervals, the same approach can be easily incorporated.  Important note:  keep the breaks short so to achieve the training effect.

Want to give HIIT a try?

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What People Skills?

When asked what skills do I have?  “People skills” is my answer.

It may surprise some.  In that, I do have an engineering degree.  But this engineer can’t drive locomotive, ship, or airplane.  Like a Juris Doctor who can’t cure sick patients, my skills are different from repairing a flat tire or overhauling an engine which are hard skills that I do not have.

What is this “people skills”? And what can you do with it?

Glad you ask.  People skills has to do with behaviors that manage relationships from the self ascending to the group. Effective communication and interaction with others are behaviors that fall into this category of soft skills.  Not to be confused with the traditional skills of reading, writing, & arithmetic, people skills is one of the softer of all soft skills.

For example, I was a Project Manager in ship acquisition.  In other words, I bought ships.  I did not build ships.  That was the shipbuilders’ job.  I represented clients in ensuring the end product (ship) delivered was satisfactory in every respects.  Specifically, developing contract, overseeing construction, executing testing were my realm of business responsibilities. Which also meant, I dealt with a vast array of people.

Now retired, I still use my skills in political campaigning and community volunteering.  In my observations that many jobs require people skills, politician, of all people. represents the epitome of professionals with people skills.  Because their jobs depend on it.

How much people skills do you encounter?

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Fear & Anger

Fear and anger are our twin emotions much like uninvited guests, often overstay their welcome.

Fear anticipates what negative will happen, and anger dwells on what negative did happen.  Their common root is that present moment gets sacrificed.  Which is unfortunate because present moment is what matters.

Not saying fear or anger has no place in our life.  Both are perfectly normal for human beings.  In certain scenarios, fear keeps us alive, and anger motivates us to improve. However, when in excess, these emotions crowd out the present and become unproductive.

Examples of excessive fear or anger abound.  Paralyzed by fear, people would not ride the airplane, sleep in the dark, or [fill in the blank].  Similarly, anger management is way too common a cause for confrontation and violence.  People’s behaviors get dominated by their imaginations.

Why surrender your free will to fear or anger?

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Joy & Sadness

With Thanksgiving leftovers freshly consumed, time to pick up where my heart work left off.  Why?  Because the holiday season is laden with emotions and a good opportunity to explore what our heart is really feeling.

Holidays are emotional –  more major the holidays, more hyped the emotions.  Like colorful pallets, our hearts are mixed with all kinds of emotions. Joy & sadness stand out in particular.  Joy for those who are present, and sadness for those are no longer with us.

But these emotions are really two sides of the same coin.  I  feel happy (in the presence of xyz) or sad (in the absence of xyz).  These feelings are results of what Buddhists called “attachments.”  Meaning I grew attached to people, things, or places.

Even though nothing in our world lasts forever, we are emotionally shackled to our attachments.  The Disney movie “Coco” which is available on Netflix illustrates this point wonderfully.

How do you want to be remembered?


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