Letting Go Of Erie

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Almost a month, twenty-five days to be exact, has passed since my incredulous race of  2019, the Erie Marathon.  Most of physical demands from the race have faded.  A slight twinge in my right ankle lingers.  Time to say goodbye to the memory and move on.

As for the “Dead Leg Syndrome” I experienced during the race, only plausible explanation I could find was over-training.  

No question I trained hard.  But what differ this time from the previous year were:  1) my rehearsal race (A-10) was too close, 2 weeks prior, to the marathon, 2) my tapering did not go as traditionally designed. I kept up the intensity of my running during the last three weeks. And 3)  quality of my sleep was below par.

These factors contributed to my body not fully recovered in time when the marathon rolled around.  Hence over-trained.  It is the closest explanations that I found and will be included for improvement in my next marathon training.

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A Leap Of Faith

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Faith is often associated with religion but, more generally, with what we believe strongly (albeit without tangible proof).  The subject could be a person, object, or concept.  Like, I have faith running is good for me.  I am convinced of running’s benefits.

A leap of faith, on the other hand, asks a bit more and entails some risk.  The expectation is nevertheless leaning positive.  When I sign up for a marathon, my leap of faith is that I will be able to complete the race.  That is never a guaranty with the risk being injury.

Sure, we can be risk averse.  But playing it safe has its own limitations.  Noticeably, no reward, and no progress.  Positive results come only with a leap of faith.  Whether it’s in innovative research, marriage proposal, or baby’s first step.

Besides when going gets tough, it is our faith that will carry us through. 

Such is life. 

When faced with unknown outcome, what will help you mitigate the fear of uncertainty?

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My Mind-Body Disconnect

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Body is recovering slowly since my marathon.  But, my mind is going AWOL at the same time.

For instance, I have resumed running, albeit off season mode.  Not sure if the timing is appropriate but this is what I used to do.  In other words, I am doing it by rote with little regard to if my body is ready to get back to running.

Moreover, aches and pains during marathon training is inevitable. But not in off season. No reason to push my body beyond healthy limits.  Thus I should be more mindful of my body and figure out the transition my body needs to get back into running again.

Lastly, doing things for the sake of  having something to do amounts to a waste of time. No purpose, no intention. Just doing it because . . .   I might as well devoting my time and energy to other productive means.

What would you do to align the body and mind?



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Getting The Job Done

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You can call me an “executor.”  Once a decision is made, I follow through regardless circumstance of hell or high water.  Maybe it’s the discipline from my marathon training, my work habit, or my personality.  Or just maybe action is more straight forward.

When I get the job done, I have a sense of closure.  Don’t know about others, but I dislike  having things hanging.  Leaving even the smallest jobs unfinished causes me to worry. To me, better just take care of it and save the worry.

It also gives me a sense of achievement.  When completed, I feel good about sticking it through especially with the challenging tasks – a sense of satisfaction to myself and reliability to others. People can count on me to get the job done.

Take this morning for instance. After my 40 minutes run, I decided to trim the bushes around the house.  I had been pushing it off due to my marathon and other priorities. The bushes were becoming unsightly and definitely could use a hair cut.

Long story short – I got it done despite how exhausting I felt during the process.

The best part? It’s done. Sorta like my long runs.

Do you have a bias for action?


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What’s In Your Soul?

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Looking into a person’s soul, what do you see? 

Not a rhetorical question.  I have been thinking about what the answer could possibly be.   

Could it be the person’s character? Or how one’s meanings, motives, passions, or any other abstract ideas are developed?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, soul is “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.”  It is what makes of us.

Biographers would know the answer.  They deduce it based on evidences.  Even though not everyone gets biography written about them, it’s nevertheless a worthy question to ponder.

If you were to write a few words about yourself, what would you say?

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Week In Review – 29 Sept 2019

Three weeks since my Erie Marathon, my body still recovering.  Suspect, a trip overseas and associated jet lags contribute to my zombie state as well.  In any events, good to be home.

Of course the big news this week is the Congressional impeachment inquiry. It’s omnipresent and hard to avoid.  The fiasco will last till 2020 election to say the least.  Might as well, the country needs something like this.  And Trump is got what he has been asking for –  attention.

In essence, I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Transitioning into my off season and sorting out what would be my next conquest. 

Have a nice week !

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Zombie State

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I feel like a zombie. 

Not sure if it’s seasonal change, post marathon recovery, jet lag or a combination of the above that is having an effect on me.

Fall has officially arrived this past Monday.  With it, cooler temperature drives the summer heat & humidity into hiding.  An ideal time for taking siesta.  Not to mention my body  still recovering from the marathon three weeks ago, along with an overseas trip that seemed never ends.

The effect strikes in waves.  I would fall into a “low battery” state where my energy sapped, my eyes barely stayed open, and my body slumped.  Even to the point of dozing off.  Then the next moment, I bounce back and continue on. 

Can’t recall if I have ever experienced anything like this before.  But I hope it will go away soon. 

Have you ever zombie out?

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No Place Like Home

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At home, we are at peace. 

We know where everything is. 

We set it up that way so our routines find their bases.

We can be ourselves. No pretense. No excuse.

 In a world of push & pull, there is no place like home.

Travel is exciting and yet it makes me appreciate home.  Contrast of life?

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Yoga On The Road

Signage pointing to a yoga room


Guess what? A yoga room in the airport?  Yes.  It is true.  When I saw the signs in the San Francisco International Airport, I just had to check it out for myself.

What a concept?  I wished I had thought of it myself. 

You see, in the midst of travelers’ hustle and bustle, a yoga room is like an oasis in the desert providing a much needed refuge from the chaos.  It is an intentional contrast by design.

I was transiting in the San Francisco International.  And an unexpected delay caused by airplane issue had me with more time on hand than anticipated. To kill time,  I wondered around the airport (and the SFI is no a small airport). 

Viola, there it was – a yoga room!  If you ever in the SFI, do look it up. 

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Impeach Trump

It’s about time.

I have been watching the UK Parliament’s rebuke of Boris Johnson, Brit Prime Minister, on his BREXIT proposal, with envy.  Why can’t we do the same with Trump? 

Finally, the Congress is doing something.  Regardless the outcome of the impeachment inquiry, announced by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, it’s a step in the right direction. 

No one is above the law.

Do you trust the checks-and-balances of our government work?

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