Week In Review – 7 Nov 2021

The first week of November came in like a lion. The US economy is recovering from the pandemic, and the unemployment is down.  Egged on by the Tuesday election results, Democrats in Congress finally got the historical Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed.  Also the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine for children was approved by the government. 

Remaining this month are the Build Back Better Act, Veterans and Thanksgiving holidays. Good chance that this November will not go out like a lamb.  Particularly, Mr. Biden is determined to be proactive about exerting his influences on pushing what he wants into what the people are looking for – the results. 

Also present are the cold temperatures that followed the colorful autumn leaves. A blunt reminder that Fall races will come to an end (by the end of the month), and time to break out the winter gears.  I wonder if I will be able to hear my heartbeats as I get more into my hibernation mode.  

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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It’s About Time

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The 1 trillion dollar Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed the US House yesterday, 88 days after the US Senate approved it (on 10 Aug 2021). The infrastructure bill will modernize, among others, roads, bridges, and broadband. So this is a much needed shot in the arms and good news for all.

The fact that such popular bill took the House Democrats 88 days to pass it is inexcusable and emblematic of the problem within the Party. As it is, the bill was opposed by 6 progressive Democrats who felt betrayed by not having the companion bill, the Build Back Better Act, which funds social programs and climate action,voted the same time.

Had it not for the wake up call from the election results earlier in the week, the Dems would still be tangled up in its intraparty politics. But even a child knows “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Better to have something than nothing. 

Do you think the outliers like Senators Joe Manchin (D-W Va) and Krystin Sinema (D-AZ) could appreciate that? Or do they have ulterior motives that eclipse the logic? Either way, We will find out soon enough.

What do yo think is the likelihood of the Build Back Better Act will pass? 


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People’s Voice Loud & Clear

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Last week, the Coronavirus pandemic crossed the benchmark of 5 million deaths (worldwide). Only a few days later, the Republicans took back the State of Virginia in the 2021 elections. The seismic shift competed with the Covid-19 news.

You see, in the 2020 general election Biden won Virginia by more than ten points. Merely a year later, the Republicans won the contested seats of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and a majority in the Virginia House. In other words, they managed to flip the State.

Obviously people are tired of the pandemic that has been going on for two straight years with no end in sight. People are seeking changes. It could not have been more clear in the case of Virginians’ desires. And I would say that pretty much sums up the feelings across the country.

Does that spell trouble for Mr. Biden and the Democrats? Yes. Not just for the upcoming  2022 mid-term elections but, more urgently, now. It’s an indictment against the lack of results by the current administration and the majority Party. The Democrats need to get their act together. Or ELSE.

Do you think the Dems have got the message?

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Break Out The Winter Gears

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Did I mention it’s cold outside in the Washington DC area?  This morning I had to dig out my winter running gears for my run.  No more tank top and shorts, at least not for me.

It was in the mid-30’s (Fahrenheit) when I rolled out the bed. After fumbling through my running gears looking for pants, gloves, and neck gator, it was closer to 40 degrees by the time when I finally headed out.

The reason why it took me a while to get the right gears was because I hate to overdress for my run. You can say I am a minimalist when it comes to running.  Extra clothing would only make me sweat and heavy. The key is to wear just enough, so after a mile or two, I would be warmed up and ready.

The winter solstice (21 December) is still more than a month away.  But I am getting ready for it already.

Are you ready to transition into cold weather running?

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Between Want & Need

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Between want and need, lots of confusions arise which can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.  Do I want ice cream or need it?  Do I want sleep or need it? How about money? Well, worry no more. Here is a simple rule of thumb to distinguish the two: the wants are created by our minds.  And the needs are created by our bodies.

Let’s face it – we can’t escape our bodies. Everything we do depends on our bodies. Talking, walking, etc. Our bodily functions keep us going.  And in return, we do things to serve our bodies: eating, drinking, clothing, sheltering.  You name it.  All to satisfy our bodily needs.

The mind on the other hand deals in imaginary and esoteric domains.  Dreams, thoughts, goals are examples which more difficult than bodily needs to grasp, let alone to satisfy.  However the mind is what separates us human from animals. It is so powerful that the saying “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve” bears witness.  

Our body is our physical reality, and our mind is its mental counterpart.  If you get confused, remember to keep your feet on the ground (body) but dream sky high (mind). And continue to strive for harmony in between.

Do you think the same rule of thumb applies to relationship?

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Listen To The Heartbeat

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When was the last time that you heard your heart beat?

Can’t remember? You’re not alone.  Surrounded by noises inside and out, we are  inundated to the point that our faithful heart is pumping to keep us alive and yet laid to the wayside, being taken for granted.  

Not criticizing. Only an observation. 

In meditation, I tried to listen to my heartbeat. Intentionally. First, I heard the neighbor’s car cruising down the street. So I focused more – breathed in and out. Then I heard the ticking of the clock on my desk. But despite numerous attempts, I couldn’t hear my heartbeat.  Got to work on that mind-body connection.

Isn’t that true for many things in life –  the closest to us is the most neglected?

Have you listened to your heartbeat lately?


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Tailor Life To What You Want

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Yes indeed, tailor your life to what you want.  After all it is your life. Why wait for the right person, time, or place to come by to make your life fit? You’re in control of your life. And if  it turns out not what you wanted, blame nobody but yourself.

“But . . . but . . .  there are so many obstacles to what I want,” you say. Are there really? I would retort: How much do you want it? Maybe too much obstacles is because you don’t want it bad enough?  Get as clear as you can on what you want will help.

“But . .  but . .  I can’t control the weather,” you say. Let’s see about that:  You can 1) choose a more agreeable climate/ location, 2) prepare yourself for the weather based on forecast, or 3) learn to enjoy the weather you got. The possibilities are endless.

Got the point? When it comes to how we want to live, we are in control. No one knows your live better. Don’t abdicate it to someone else. 

Last but not the least, do it now.

What are you waiting for?



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Week In Review – 31 Oct 2021

Happy Halloween! An exciting weekend indeed. Will people be out trick-or-treating versus staying home? We will wait and see. At least it’s not raining. With only two months left, the 2021 for sure will be the second pandemic year after the dreadful last year.

Also this weekend, the G20 is on-going in Rome, Italy.  On its agenda are the critical topics of climate crises and Coronavirus pandemic. President Biden is in attendance sans Putin (Russia) and Xi (China). Be that as it may, Mr. Biden has a full plate.

In an effort to wean the world from fossil fuel (to reduce carbon pollution), many alternatives exist. The choices have more to do with economic than technology. And getting the world leaders to agree is no simple matter. Particularly, the US has been the biggest and longest fossil fuel consumer.

After his predecessor, Mr. Biden faces a tough audience in Rome that are more skeptical than his domestic crowd on the proposal to combating the climate crises. Other countries like Russia and China are fighting their own to get the pandemic under control.  Not to mention the winter Olympics in Beijing (2 Feb 2022) is less than 100 days away.  

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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A Matter Of Choice

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Do I like cleaning my house? Not really. I rather be taking a nap or watching a movie. But because I hate a cluttered house, that deep and burning feeling inside is the reason why I keep my house clean.

Similarly I don’t like to restrict my eating as in intermittent fasting. But I like a restful sleep during which my organs get a break from processing and digesting the foods because I stopped eating after an early dinner.

The same goes with my running, meditation, etcetera. The point is I find what I really want and elevate it, so it outweighs other less important preferences. Viola.

What are your choices?

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Raining Day Thoughts

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It’s raining. All day.

When I was in Seattle,

a couple weeks ago

the weather was sunny. 

But it’s raining here.

When I was in Charleston

a few hours ago

the weather was dark and gray.

But it’s raining here.

May be the rain finally caught up with me. 

Do you like the rain?


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