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Climate Change & Biodiversity

  The rising temperature is wreaking havoc across our world.  Increase in the intensity and frequency of wildfires, storms, and periods of drought are becoming common occurrences. As we live through these changes, what could be the impact to our … Continue reading

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No Good News?

  Has this ever happened to you? That, among all the news, none of them is positive! What is going on? Surely, our world is not fallen apart. Looking around, it should be self evident. Only the media outlets choose … Continue reading

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Congressional Term Limits?

  The Presidency of the United States is limited to two (four year) terms as ratified by the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  All good. However when it comes to the Congressional members, either the Senate or the House … Continue reading

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Talking With My Inner Child

  My Inner Child:  Let’s play Me: I can’t. I have work to do. Inner Child: You’ve been sitting there for a long time. Me: I know. But I need to get this done. Inner Child: Are you having fun? … Continue reading

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Aging In Place?

  There is no place like home.  Yes, home sweet home. Understandably people want to stay in their own homes, even when they get old. That’s what “Aging In Place” means as I looked into it. As we get older, … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

  Today is America’s birthday, 246 years ago! Are you ready to celebrate it? Yes, we have come a long way and yet still have more growing ahead of us.  Our country is facing tensions, not in balance, not reaching … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 3 Jul 2022

On Sundays, I summarize my posts from the week. It is a ritual for me to pause, reflect, and organize. Try not let time flee from me or things become a blur. But in a way, this week felt like … Continue reading

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Church | | State

  The First Amendment to the US Constitution provides the jurisprudence on the separation of church and state. In fact, Thomas Jefferson called it “the great wall of separation between Church and State.” So there is no ambiguity on the … Continue reading

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Is Inflation Bad?

  Inflation has been in the cross-hair of late. Talks of recession and stocks losing its steam have people concerned.  So much so, the Fed (the Federal Reserve) is trying to fight the inflation by raising interest rate. Which has … Continue reading

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Feeling Good About My Run

  Even though running slower and less than before, I feel good about my running. Before the Covid pandemic, I run marathons. And I train for those races.  Goals like faster finish, personal record, or no injury were my motivators … Continue reading

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