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Putin’s New Clothes

  Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his annexation of four Ukrainian territories. His action came in defiance to the international criticism and more tellingly the reality on the battlefield. It was the modern day version of the Emperor’s New … Continue reading

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Getting Old?

  It sounds a bit morbid to say that we begin to die as soon as we were born or our days are numbered. Who wants to hear that? However we do not like to think about it, the reality … Continue reading

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Genuine Human Engagement

  Human are emotional beings. Any relationship entanglement invariably pushes us toward the abyss of individual emotions. Deeper the involvement, the more attention is needed. Path to true satisfaction stems from the discovery of emotional truth on both sides. In … Continue reading

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Disaster Of A Difference Color

  Disasters whether natural or man-made have in common in their destructive consequences.  As  Hurricane Ian broadsiding Florida, I could not help associating its devastating impact with the people in Ukraine who are under the assault of the Russian special … Continue reading

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The Shift Back To In-person

  With the Covid-19 pandemic, a shift to working from home became a necessity to isolate this highly transmissible virus. Business and government alike were not prepared to address it two and a half years ago. No vaccine was available … Continue reading

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Six Weeks To Midterm Elections

  Yes indeed, in six weeks the US midterm elections will take place. Not a whole lot of time for the candidates, but one never knows what will happen in the remaining days. A couple of big picture indicators are … Continue reading

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Running Commentary

  Once again, the weather turns cool, and I am running in long sleeve. Except, the runners in a race put forth their efforts, and I watch them with nostalgia. Once again, the season cycles, and my memory is brought … Continue reading

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Is Putin Playing With Fire?

  To me, the answer is yes. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is playing with fire.  His special military operation in Ukraine is dragging on for seven plus months without an end in sight.  Now doubling down, Putin has called … Continue reading

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Russia Mobilizes

  After seven months war of attrition in Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin is forced to announce this morning a mobilization of 300 thousand arm forces. Specifically, Putin asked for those “who are currently in the reserve and . . … Continue reading

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Is The Pandemic Over?

  President Biden said this past weekend that the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Not sure where he got this idea, but his statement shocked many people (myself included). The president’s off-the-cuff remark contradicted the experts and world leaders alike. The … Continue reading

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