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Trust & Disgust

Nothing resembles our value judgement better than our feelings of trust and disgust. With trust, we have an affinity for the subject.  We move closer.  It is just the opposite when it comes to disgust.  When disgusted, we have an … Continue reading

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A Wet Weekend

Sounds on the window pans tells me finally, the rain has arrived.  In the forecast, a wet weekend awaits the DC neighborhood (to everyone’s dismay). And not disappointing, all day long, the gloomy sky threatens the coming of the inclement … Continue reading

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Liar, Liar, Part 2

My aunt has always told me it takes ten lies to cover one lie.  Thus, nothing is more convincing than catching a liar in action.  And Chris Cuomo’s take-down of the POTUS is a prime example. Perhaps too soon to declare the … Continue reading

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Be Proactive – From Inside Out

Creating space, in distance, time, or our mind/ body. What for? For creativity, reflection, or recovery. So the right action may arise. Namaste  

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Yoga Appeal

  I do yoga.  What appeals me about the yoga is its combined benefits of mind and body.  The meditative as well as the physical benefits from its poses and flow produce a synergistic effect right from the get-go that … Continue reading

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Self Knowledge

While running in the cold this morning, 22 degree Fahrenheit to be precise, a thought came to me, a Buddha moment if you will. And the thought was how close am I to myself? How well do I really know … Continue reading

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Life Story

Our life story is work in progress. For instance, my story contains “chapters” that represent milestones of my life.  And my roles as a son, student, husband, father, and etc. depict the different characters woven into my story.  They provide … Continue reading

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In Anticipation

  Nothing yet. Peeking out the window, no signs of my package. Where is that package which the tracking says “out for delivery” since morning? Gifting is supposed to be fun. But not to me. Certainly not the way it … Continue reading

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Predictive Analytic, the Modern Crystal Ball?

Having data or collecting data is not valuable. Using data is.   ~ Dr. Ravi Kalakota Doesn’t matter if it is data -base, -warehouse, or -lake, size of the data matters only if the data can be used in a meaningful way.  … Continue reading

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Reblog: Nutrition Against Aging

As much as I hate to admit, getting older does take a toll on my body.  Besides training methods, nutrition has become an indispensable part of maintaining or improving my running performance. Here are the main concerns of aging and … Continue reading

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