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Our Democratic Republic In Crisis

  Back in 2017, five months after Trump was elected President, I described the election result as a social experiment that was unfurling. Fast forward to now, end of 2019, we are witnessing the articles of impeachment against the very … Continue reading

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  Frustration is common in our daily experiences. Stuck in traffic, not getting the promotion, bad weather, etc.  By definition, frustration occurs when we can’t get what we want. And we know that life is not fair, plus we don’t … Continue reading

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Impeachment Is The Struggle?

  Following up on Brenee Brown’s hope is a function of struggle, the impeachment process, albeit painful, gives me hope. The hope is not to remove President Trump, although there is a slim chance of that outcome. But the hope … Continue reading

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Get In Touch With Feeling

  Like many people, I like to think I am rational, calm, and collective.  Being emotional and getting in touch with my feelings are descriptors I would not usually associate with myself.  Well, I begin to realize that I am … Continue reading

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Rule Abiding

  When it comes to rules, I am a follower.  I follow the speed limit, pay my taxes, and never argue with a police officer.  For the most part. Because while I would not say rules are made to be … Continue reading

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The Glass Is Half Full

  Nothing is as absolute as it seems. Neither ecstasy nor misery.  Chances are it’s our emotion that amplifies what we sense.  And that amplification could result in an undesired outcome triggered by our emotional hijacking.  Road rage, suicide, and … Continue reading

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Life Is Cruel

and life is joy and all the flavors in-between. Be not, over indulgent in the peaks and valleys. But do take heart and live it to the fullest.

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Running As A Hobby

  Yes, indeed.  Running is a hobby for me, along with yoga and meditation.  On days when I get to do all three (i.e. running, yoga, and meditation), I am a happy camper – it’s an excellent day for me.  … Continue reading

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Bathing In The Afternoon Sun

  As the sun casting lazily on the ground, the eyelids of mine are getting heavy. Mind you that afternoon siesta per se is not my hobby. Just everything is so inviting: the rhythmic traffic sounds outside my window, the … Continue reading

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The Last Mile

  The last mile is undoubtedly the hardest part of a marathon. Body is tired, and yet one more mile to go.  The last mile.  Never mind accumulated fatigue, enduring pain, or self doubt. The last mile is a test … Continue reading

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