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The Natural Order

  Ever wonder about how you fit in the big scheme of things?  Like the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing us, what can we do about it?  Or more specifically what can you,  me, or anyone do? What’s your role … Continue reading

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Re-open Schools?

  Should the schools be re-open? The answer is unequivocally yes. But the real question is not whether the schools be re-opened but when? The same applies to businesses, communities, and other areas of public interests. Given no vaccine or … Continue reading

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“I Am Happy For You”

  I am happy for you is a phrase conveyed to someone who is a recipient of something good. Five simple words, if only they are genuine. Otherwise, the sentence really means I pretend to be happy for you. Why … Continue reading

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America Is Sick

  This past weekend was one of the more subdued Fourth of July holidays I can remember.  A few firecrackers here and there marked the occasion. Most folks I know opted to stay in than venturing out to face the … Continue reading

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My Fourth Of July Run

  Forgot my sandals this morning.  By the time I turned around to go home and retrieved them, the temperature was already hitting 80 degree Fahrenheit.  “It is going to be a hot one,” I said to myself.  Better grab … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July?

  Not according to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll today. A pessimistic mood prevails across the country (62%) as we heading into the holiday. Opinions are trending worse:  65% says the COVID-19 is getting worse. 64% on race relation, 61% on … Continue reading

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Hoarding USA

  Hoarding during emergency albeit legal (except for resale) is selfish, shameful and wrong.  Public outrages toward those hoarding toilet papers and hand sanitizers during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is a case in point. What about the US … Continue reading

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Enough Time?

  What would you do if you have all the time in the world?  An hypothetical question that feels more real now-a-day while staying at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, here are some possibilities: (1) … Continue reading

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Banned From EU!

  The European Union is expected to open its boarders for outside travelers tomorrow.  Except the  US is not on the list.  Why?  Because the COVID-19. We should take the news personally. Because we did it to ourselves.  According to … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter & COVID-19- Coincident?

  A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the prevailing movement of Black Lives Matter and the COVID-19 outbreak.  Both are impacting people’s life: one as a social movement and the other a natural disaster. The BLM is changing … Continue reading

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