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What’s The Question?

Almost five months have gone by since I learned that I missed the 2019 Boston Marathon Cut-off by 1 second.  Enough time has passed for my  bruised feeling to heal.  Even though as I said before, try harder next time, … Continue reading

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Sunday – My Favorite Day Of The Week

Friday used to be my favorite day of the week.  Knowing it’s the end of the work week and with a weekend ahead, my feeling was both relief (for the former) and anticipation (for the later).  Excitement galore. That favorite … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Self Sabotage?

Who is there talking behind my back? Nobody, except my negative self hacks. Why do they pop-up in the worst of times? Guarantee that it SHALT happen every time. What can I do to make them less so? Pause, Acknowledge, … Continue reading

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Hope Is A Function Of Struggle, Part 2

Easy to feel negativism is running rampant.  Not only here at home but around the globe: Teachers revolt, Me Too, Brexit . . .  The list goes on. Seems everyone is fighting; no one trusts each other.  Not even the … Continue reading

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Is The Sky Falling?

The headline reads, “more disruptive storms with snow, ice and rain eye Midwest and Northeast into midweek” with added infographic laying out the impact across the affected areas. This much I will say, they got my attention.  As a runner, … Continue reading

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Mindless Reading

Caught myself mindlessly reading the news and literally getting nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an exiting world out there: the President and Congress averted another government shutdown, disgruntled employee turned active shooter in Illinois was killed by the police … Continue reading

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Is Virtual Community Real?

Virtual community such as online social networks is great for information sharing.  Empowered by internet and digital technology, virtual community is information superhighway that covers a wide spectrum of interests and audiences.  Speed, agility, and potential unlimited membership make virtual … Continue reading

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When traveling or vacationing, one of the decisions is whether to keep certain routines from home.  Routines like exercising, checking email, maintaining same diet or whatever your choice.  The balancing act is easier if you know which type of traveler … Continue reading

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Said good bye to New Orleans and its Big Easy charm.  Fond memories of its food, history, and people gave me an appreciation towards what local identity is all about.  Especially a place as colorful as NOLA. I was surprised … Continue reading

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Parenting Lessons Continue

I remembered bringing my son to the school bus stop for the first time.  It was hard to let go.  I worried all day how he would come out at the end of the day.  That precious moment and others … Continue reading

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