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Our Spiritual Connection

In my meditation of late, I have been searching for spiritual direction, or “purpose” in everyday parlance. Are we here by chance? What is achievable in our limited lifetime? And why bother? So on and so forth. Touchy-feely as that … Continue reading

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On Mutual Benefit

  In a nutshell, relationship exists because of mutual benefit.  Or  saying it another way, without mutual benefit no relationship will last. Common knowledge but not common practice. Why? Challenge is each individual is unique. Benefit to one may not … Continue reading

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Social Capital Lost

  Often I hear retirees say that they don’t miss the work, but they missed the people. A statement I would support. Social capital is a term I came across lately.  It is “the aspects of our relationships that produce … Continue reading

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The Right Thing To Do?

The question is straight forward: what is the right thing to do? The answer however is more complex. But wait, isn’t the answer: let conscience be your guide? Yes, but what if your conscience and you compassion are in opposition? … Continue reading

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Alone But Not Lonely, Part III

  Three year of the Covid-19 pandemic, one year of the war in Ukraine, and the passing of my mother have me re-visiting the statement (and the tile of this series), “Alone but not lonely.” When both of her parents … Continue reading

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March Rambling Thoughts

  It’s a symphony. Between the swirling winds outside and the humming furnace inside, quite a lively day I am having.  At least for Washington DC area, the nor’easter spared us the heavy snow this time, only the high winds … Continue reading

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  Have you ever wanted to get out of the room or disappear from a heated situation or tight jam? Yes, you may not even be aware that’s what going on. But people use escape as a coping mechanism to … Continue reading

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Status On Daylight Saving

  Once again, I am going around my house before bedtime adjusting every clock, analog or digital, to accommodate the Daylight Saving Time which will begin tomorrow at 2 AM. The rumor on the effort to do away with it … Continue reading

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Impact of Rising Interest Rate

  Interest is the cost of, either borrowing or lending, doing business. Even non-business people are  not immune from the interest rate fluctuation. Let’s see: mortgage, rent, credit card, car, student loan, or price of groceries. Its presence is omnipresent … Continue reading

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Pain-free Running

  Most pain in running stems from running too fast or pushing body beyond what it can handle.  I know this first hand.  Having being through them before makes me sensitive to when to back off and slow down before … Continue reading

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