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Surviving The Covid-19

  Today is Labor Day in the US but also the day pandemic unemployment checks from the federal government ends.  Is it time to to go back to work (and school)?  Sure.  Except, the Coronavirus, fueled by its Delta variant, … Continue reading

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My Pandemic Running Windfall

  The Coronavirus has shutdown many road races, particularly the major ones, for the fear of  they becoming superspreader events. So for the past eighteen months my running has been casual with a serendipitous twist. I’m more plugged in with … Continue reading

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Fear Of Losing Control

  I love getting organized – everything in its place, squared away.  But deep down, I think it really has more to do with control.  In that,  I want to control chaos before it overtakes me.  And getting organized is … Continue reading

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Smart Tech & Big Data

  Because of privacy concerns, I don’t use Alexa nor Google Home. They are too intrusive for  my taste.  Therefore, imaging the surprise I received by an email from my local electricity company about my usage. The notification was for … Continue reading

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A Humorless Time?

  Can’t remember the last time when I laughed ’till tears came out of my eyes. Hasn’t happened because the past eighteen months seem filled with constant fears, pent up frustrations, and a sense of everlasting hopelessness caused by events … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

  Right around midnight (local time) this morning, the last C-17 flight took off from the Kabul airport in Afghanistan taking with it the remaining US military troops, ending the American longest war. The rescue mission of the last 18 … Continue reading

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On Eve Of Final Afghanistan Troop Withdraw

  Less than 24 hours to the US withdraw deadline from Afghanistan, the lives of the Afghan people and any foreign nationals there would be left in the hands of Taliban after the 31 August deadline (tomorrow). What will happen … Continue reading

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  The crisis in Kabul, Afghanistan has evolved into a familiar one – terrorism. One suicide bomber took away the lives of 13 US troops and 170 Afghan people.  Even though the US retaliated today with a  drone strike killing … Continue reading

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A Badge Of Competency

  I watched a briefing by the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki today. And if you haven’t seen one, I highly recommend to check it out.  Sec. Psaki was impressive in her role as the spokesperson for the President … Continue reading

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Kabul Airport Attacked

The situation in Afghanistan is intensifying.  Not only time is running short for the US to airlift the Americans and allies out, the ISIS terrorist network attacked the airport today with suicide bombers.  Making the challenging operation even more difficult. … Continue reading

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