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Inflation Coming?!

  Inflation is not coming. It is HERE already.  Although, it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all the US government pumped so much money into the public pockets through the stimulus & pandemic relief checks. Not a criticism – most … Continue reading

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Emotional Truth In Action

  Emotional truth is subjective, personal, and deeply rooted.  A good example is President Biden’s decision to pull out American troops from the Afghanistan. Mr. Biden never believed sending in more troops was the solution. Now, we are witnessing his … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Aug 2021

They did it.  The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Summer Games came to a successful conclusion today. Even without any spectators, the Olympians brought superb performances and inspiring human drama in the past three weeks.  They exhibited inspirations and good wills that … Continue reading

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The Tokyo Olympics

  In a few days, the long awaited Tokyo Olympics will begin (on 23 July).  “Long awaited” because this was supposed to be the 2020 Summer Olympic games, delayed a year due to the Coronavirus.  “So it is finally happening,” … Continue reading

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Work Is A Four Letter Word

  In January 2015, I retired from working.  And I have not  looked back since. Here is my reason for why not. Yes, there are a lot to be said about working.  It provides dignity, in addition to other benefits … Continue reading

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I See You

Pandemic fatigue, racial tension, and other headlines. Easy to get caught up in “what’s going on.” And fail to see ourselves. Are we lost? Not on purpose, but distracted. Not recognized, nor exist. Any wonder why we’re rudderless, drifting in … Continue reading

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Spring Break & Personal Responsibility

  It is Spring Break for some.  But for others apparently a chance to vent their pent-up stress from the pandemic lock-down.  News of the City of Miami Beach, Florida, declaring a state of emergency over the spring break crowds … Continue reading

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Spring Is In The Air

  While running this morning, I noticed the tiny buds on the end of tree branches.  Maybe a bit shy or still getting used to the chilly air, but these buds are definitely coming out.  It is the proof that … Continue reading

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Relativity Of Time

  For some reasons I keep on thinking today is Sunday (it’s actually Tuesday).  Maybe it has to do with the recent trip I took that I am still recovering from, or the blistering cold that is keeping me hibernating … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 Jan 2021

As bad as the news on Coronavirus ravaging the country, hard to believe something else could supersede it. Well something did. Calling it “a sad day in America,” our degenerative, polarized political free-for-all behaviors got to an ugly outcome this … Continue reading

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