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Week In Review – 15 May 2022

Summery weather arrived overnight in Washington DC.  Just in time for the abortion right demonstration downtown (and across the nation?). Was the US Supreme Court draft opinion leaked on purpose or a matter of lacking discipline? All 98 pages of … Continue reading

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Why Digital Transformation?

  Digital transformation sounds technical and business-like.  But in a nutshell, it is using digital technologies to better business. The popularity of digital technologies has skyrocketed with the advent of mobile devices, internet, and cloud computing.  Technologies such as the … Continue reading

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Heart Space

  In our heart space, emotional truths reside. These truths are deep and beg for our exploring. But, we must first embrace this space. Like a physical space but limitless in its depth. Like a mental space but more fiery … Continue reading

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Hope Reified

  If we just hope things will get better, that hope rings hollow. We are passive at the mercy of external forces. Things may get better or worse. Either way, we are the recipients and not the masters. We are … Continue reading

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A Good Life, Part 2

  When our body dies, we cease to exist. Take care your body, invest in your health, and do the right things. Don’t you agree it isn’t and shouldn’t be that complicated? Part 1, here.

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Repeating History?

  “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”   ~ Winston Churchill As the Ukraine war enters its second month, many are wondering what would it take for Vladimir Putin to stop the war? The answer … Continue reading

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Joy Or Happiness?

  What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Despite their similarities, joy and happiness are different emotions people hold. But they are often used interchangeably as in Happy Holidays and Joy to the World.  In actuality, joy is not happiness. … Continue reading

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On Physical Reality, Part 3

  Physical reality is where we plant our feet. Where we can touch and feel our surroundings. Where we set our frame of reference. It is where one is. If you leave or lose where you are, you are taking … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian Resistance

  Something surprising and yet inspiring about the Ukrainian resistance efforts that is holding off the Russian invasion from taking the Ukraine Capital City of Kyiv and elsewhere.  It is a lesson in people‘s will – if there is a … Continue reading

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A Rich Life (Non-Monetary)

  Every departure is a bitter-sweet moment, my wife reminded me as we boarded our flight. I couldn’t have agreed more with her. There is an end to every party, visit, or relationship. Friends and memories get left behind. When … Continue reading

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