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Week In Review – 24 Oct 2011

Seeking truth is the objective of a learned person.  That is also what science, among other branches of study, trying to accomplish.  The truth may change as new facts and evidences emerge but the objective remains the same.  At least … Continue reading

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Reblog: Freedom vs. Liberty: Understanding the Difference & What it Means to Be Truly Free

Interesting article on the subject (don’t get thrown off by the name of the Website).  Instead of being interchangeable, the two terms (Freedom and Liberty) are quite different from their origins and applications. The discussions (in the podcast) with Sam … Continue reading

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Our Inner Child

  A purpose driven life sounds productive, but it can actually be the opposite. The assumption is that life must have a purpose.  Which misguides people into assorted of learned behaviors that veered far from our basic nature, our inner … Continue reading

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Blaming Covid-19?

  Going around the room and asking what has the Coronavirus impacted one’s life, the answer lists from A to Z with “Everything” probably a popular choice. But honestly, I feel that answer would be a false positive. Because blaming … Continue reading

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On Finding Self

  I have never left, but for whatever the reason I am looking. Am I lost, confused, or what? Maybe, just maybe that I was never present. What do you find unique about yourself?

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Staying Curious

  We get ingrained in our view of things.  Over time, we convince ourselves what we know is not only right but absolutely right.  No wonder, innovation passed, opportunity lost, and we became staled. Too bad, so sad?  No. No.  … Continue reading

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Covid-19: US Update #6

After fourteen months, the US efforts to control the Covid-19 is finally looking up. 25 states have fully vaccinated half of their adult residents 61.8% Americans have at least one dose 10 states have 70% of their adults fully vaccinated … Continue reading

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The Human Experience, Part 2

  In the journey of our human experience, emotional truth plays a central role in shaping and defining our understandings of life’s meanings.  In particular, the meaning of  what it means to be human? The emotional truth encompasses the ranges … Continue reading

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How I Feel?

  We are emotional beings, driven by how we feel. Logic and reason may work. But how we feel rules the day. Fear is real. Pain is real. Same for other assortment of our feelings. No denying. It only makes … Continue reading

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On Being Me

  What does it mean to be me? If you think that’s a silly question, I kinda agree on a  surface level. Because life is a journey started with a blank page on an open book.  As we go through … Continue reading

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