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Day 5 Week 16 – To Be Or Not To Be

6 mile easy pace, cool &71 degree. First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 16 – The Waiting Game, Part 2

Part 1, here. The second time my life got put in a suspended animation is when my mom went into the hospital. My mother is in her mid 80’s and has an history of heart condition.  So when she complained … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 11 – The Stories We Hear

7 miles recovery pace, humid & 78 degree Happy Birthday America! Stories we come to believe can hold us back, make us hesitant, or lead us down the wrong path.  Regardless their sources or methods, these stories can be fed … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 6 – Embracing Self?

  Rest day, no running. The physical act of embracing self is not difficult.  Extend arms, stretch, and wrap around the body, the best you can.  Done.   That is the easy piece.  More difficult is the spiritual-emotional aspect of embracing … Continue reading

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Day 2 Week 4 – Misfortune Happens

  3 miles easy pace, cool & 67 degree The rain last night cleared the sky and washed away the pollen.  Wonderful in every way, except the thunderstorm also brought down my internet connection.  Yes, in the middle of the night, … Continue reading

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I hate misplacing things.  It exacts such an emotional toll on me each time that I would spare nothing in trying to find the items.  Does it work? No. Not really.  Usually  the item turns up after I stop looking. … Continue reading

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Devil’s In The Details

Easy to mistaken knowing with doing. “Sure I know how to do it” is different from” yes, I have done it.”  Because knowing is not doing. Having the knowledge is different than having the skills from actually done it.  Because … Continue reading

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Important vs Urgent

Googled the definition of “important,” and you will get “of great significance or value”  And do the same for “urgent,” and Google returns “requiring immediate action or attention.” Whatever is important to us, we act on it because the perceived … Continue reading

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This morning, for the first time, I got a taste of hypothermia while running. It had been cold the past few days with temperatures staying below freezing.  Grounds was dry, so was the air.  Ice had sucked away any moisture.  … Continue reading

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On The Trail Once Again

I like trail running in the woods.  It is different:  different mindsets, muscle groups, and definitely different challenges. On this relative “warm” winter day (temperature reaching 60s Fahrenheit), I took my run into the woods.  The rain yesterday disguised the … Continue reading

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