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Twitter 2.0?

  After much hoopla, Elon Musk finally bought Twitter three weeks ago. As its Chief Twit, what is Musk going to do with the social media company? That’s a $44 billion dollar question. Leaving no room to imagination, Musk slashed … Continue reading

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What Inflation?

  “Inflation in the US and around the world is a big problem right now.” There, I just told you what I know about the inflation. Even that much I heard it from somewhere. But seems everyone is talking about … Continue reading

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Appraising September

September is upon us. Are you ready for the Summer to be over and it followed by the Autumn to cool thing off (in the Northern Hemisphere)? If you are, give me a “hallelujah,” or even if you’re not. Similar … Continue reading

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What It Takes For Me To Be Race Ready?

  Racing is more than putting on a pair running shoes and going for it. It takes much more, at least for me. One – Depending on what kind of race. In general the longer the race (for example: a … Continue reading

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BA.5 & Covid Reinfection

  BA.5 is a subvariant of the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus.  Why mention it, you ask?  That is because the BA.5 is the dominant Covid-19 case in the US (and the world) right now. The BA.5 lives true to … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 3 Jul 2022

On Sundays, I summarize my posts from the week. It is a ritual for me to pause, reflect, and organize. Try not let time flee from me or things become a blur. But in a way, this week felt like … Continue reading

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Normalizing The Problem?

  Today is 30 June 2022. Half of this year is history. Let me repeat that, half of the year has already happened. Couldn’t help to wonder if things would be the same in 6 more months? Let’s see: Covid-19 … Continue reading

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The Two Unpopular Topics

  Aging and death are two topics that are little discussed in the US.  I have no explanation as why that is so. Especially when both are inevitable parts of life. To me, it flies in the face of mindful … Continue reading

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In-person Race Now?

  While the weather is getting warmer, more in-person races are happening, Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding. Are people so raring to go back-to-normal, they are throwing caution to the wind? Case in point, this past Monday, over 25 thousand runners participated … Continue reading


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Information – A Double-Edge Sword

  In this digital world, information hold the potential to influence people and affect event outcome. Powerful tool. Thereby, there is the abundance of information, misinformation, and noises.  No shortage of them all. To wit, was the 2020 US election … Continue reading

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