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Week In Review – 26 Sep 2021

Seems like bad news occupy our attention more than anything else now-a-day. Maybe an unfortunate collateral of  being under the Coronavirus for more than 18 months. Headlines like the Covid-19 is now the deadliest epidemic this country has ever experienced … Continue reading

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The Peril Of Going Paperless

  Call me a dinosaur, but I am reluctant to go paperless when it comes to banking.  Despite the ease of use, environment friendly, convenience, or whatever the bank pitches me, I request paper.  Following story is the reason why … Continue reading

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9/11 – Twenty Years Since

  Twenty years is a long time.  But the scenes from the 9/11 attacks on the US homeland remain as vivid as yesterday.  My children were toddlers at the time. Sad to say that terrorism has morphed into a fact … Continue reading

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Fear Of Losing Control

  I love getting organized – everything in its place, squared away.  But deep down, I think it really has more to do with control.  In that,  I want to control chaos before it overtakes me.  And getting organized is … Continue reading

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A Humorless Time?

  Can’t remember the last time when I laughed ’till tears came out of my eyes. Hasn’t happened because the past eighteen months seem filled with constant fears, pent up frustrations, and a sense of everlasting hopelessness caused by events … Continue reading

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  The crisis in Kabul, Afghanistan has evolved into a familiar one – terrorism. One suicide bomber took away the lives of 13 US troops and 170 Afghan people.  Even though the US retaliated today with a  drone strike killing … Continue reading

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Here I Am

  The sense of anxiety begins to fade, as I claim my spot in this space. Truths, lies, and feelings matter only in this context. Beyond that, any worries or fears are not my concerns. Here I am.

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“Code Red For Humanity”

  Sounds alarming? Yes, that is what the report issued by the UN yesterday called it. You see, we have talked about climate change long enough, now it’s becoming a crisis. Just look at the catastrophes of heat waves, wildfires, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 16 May 2021

We are at mid-May.  Temperature is climbing into the seventy’s, seasonal for the mid-Atlantic area. Many localities are lifting thier Covid-19 restrictions such as the masking and indoor capacity requirements.  After fourteen months of this Coronavirus, finally a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Election Eve 2020

  Things can’t get anymore chaotic?  Guess again.  In the Land of the Free and on the eve of the 2020 Presidential election, a perfect storm is brewing. The US Election, the elephant in room, aside, the US Postal Service … Continue reading

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