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Olympic Dishonesty

  It is hot & humid here in Washington DC with temperature in the low 90’s and Dew Point 71 degree Fahrenheit.  But in comparison, I feel a lot worse for the athletes competing in the Tokyo summer Olympics.  Because … Continue reading

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The Tokyo Olympics

  In a few days, the long awaited Tokyo Olympics will begin (on 23 July).  “Long awaited” because this was supposed to be the 2020 Summer Olympic games, delayed a year due to the Coronavirus.  “So it is finally happening,” … Continue reading

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A Morning Surprise

  Never anticipated my morning run was going to become a morning walk. But that was what happened today. Today’s temperature hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid the heat (and sun), I ran early in the morning taking advantage of … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 28 Mar 2021

With the March Madness and Covid-19 vaccination roll outs underway, one would think life in the US would soon returning to pre-pandemic.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Faucci when asked if we are turning the corner on Covid-19 replied, “We are … Continue reading

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  I am drained. From top of my head to tip of my toes, a fatique washes over me.   No, I did not run a marathon. Instead, around this time each year when the seasons transition, I am rendered … Continue reading

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On Oxygen

  I used to think oxygen is the basis of our life (and it still is, more to follow).  That’s until I came to terms like oxidation, antioxidant, and free radicals.  I started to have doubts about the omnipotence of … Continue reading

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My Covid-19 Tests

  I have had two Covid-19 tests thus far. Both times the result was negative (i.e. good). Although, a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19, it nevertheless gives me great comfort and a huge relief. … Continue reading

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New Mask Rules

  Finally, I got a sport mask for running.  You see.  I have resisted wearing a mask while running for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I am not  anti-mask. Just when I run, I seldom come into contact with … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 1 Nov 2020

The plot thickens as 3 days remaining to the US election. A clear outcome will most likely take longer to reveal.  Greater voter turnout, pre-election  and mail-in voting, plus the Covid-19 pandemic all play into the suspense.  Better than reality … Continue reading

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Mismatched Expectations

The world evolves.  To wit, sun rise & set; leaves grow & fall.  As tenants on this planet, we too evolve.  If we don’t adapt, mismatched expectation will likely happen.  Particularly with things we had done in the past but … Continue reading

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