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Winter Exercise Rut

  Looking at the phone through my sleepy eyes, the forecast says it’s cold outside which makes the bed feeling even more nice and warm. Going out for a run in the winter takes a special persuasion. Similarly, holidays are … Continue reading

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My Sleep Challenge

Haven’t been sleeping well lately. Blame it on the weather? Too hot or too cold?  Nay, not at all. My problem has to do with difficulty of falling asleep. Falling sleep should be easy, particularly when tired. That’s not the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Oct 2022

Fear is an emotion that can be exploited. Russian president Vladimir Putin is famous for leveraging it. To wt,  Putin has declared the annexed Ukrainian territories under martial law, bombed Ukrainian energy infrastructures, and tried to instill chaos in the … Continue reading


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Faked Meat

  Normally I try to stay clear of processed and ultra-processed foods such as chips, cakes, fries, etc. Simply because I prefer healthier options, and frankly, my body can’t handle them like before. Same goes with red meat. The other … Continue reading

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Getting Old?

  It sounds a bit morbid to say that we begin to die as soon as we were born or our days are numbered. Who wants to hear that? However we do not like to think about it, the reality … Continue reading

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Running Commentary

  Once again, the weather turns cool, and I am running in long sleeve. Except, the runners in a race put forth their efforts, and I watch them with nostalgia. Once again, the season cycles, and my memory is brought … Continue reading

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Why Maintenance?

  Maintenance is not glamorous. Not a centerpiece in most discussions.  But without the  maintenance most things will not last. Flashy sport car won’t hum rhythmically, fancy house won’t keep its luster, and healthy person won’t have a full life. … Continue reading

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 Achilles Tendinopathy

  Also known as Achilles tendinitis, it is a lump in the Achilles tendon. I have noticed this lump on my right leg for about a week or so. It is obvious when contrasting it with my left side which … Continue reading

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My March Madness (Not Basketball)

  About this this time every year when the seasonal change from dormant winter to sprouting spring, when the buds start to come out and traces of snow disappear, I experience my March madness by better living through chemicals. Allow … Continue reading

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Sucks To Be Sick

  I pride myself to be in good health. Between running, yoga, and meditation, I kept my mind & body in decent shape. But about a week ago, I developed this incessant coughs that threw me for a loop.  Maybe … Continue reading

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