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How Is Your “Weather”?

A cold & wet Friday here at the Nation’s capital. The only saving grace is that the rain will stop before the weekend gets into full swing  But the temperature will remain cold, struggling to get above 50 degree (Fahrenheit). … Continue reading

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On Food We Eat

You are what you eat. Go that. I feel like a restaurant – Have been eating out a lot. True, quality food need not be expensive. And expensive food does not mean quality. But cheap food guarantees poorer quality. What … Continue reading

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What Emotional Problems?

Between what we want and what we have, there is a gap.  Reasonable people work on closing that gap.  But problem arises when we get emotional.  Don’t want to get old, be lonely, and say goodbye are examples of illusive … Continue reading

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We are accustomed to routines.  Take the same path to our familiar places (work, school, stores) are normal.  That’s why we have routines, so we can be more efficient and potentially more effective with our lives. Case in point is … Continue reading

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Live Long & Be Happy?

The life expectancy in the US is 78.7 years.  If that number surprised you, welcome to the club.  For some reasons, I thought US being the world’s superpower with the advanced technology and standard of living would have it higher. … Continue reading

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Body-work In Off-season

Being a marathoner, my body needs work.  Lots of them.  Not that I am overweight or in poor health.  Just that my body carries with it residual or side-effect from long distance running. For instance my lower body is very … Continue reading

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Mind Over Body Is Overrated

The phrase is often associated with self discipline but in a negative way: the mind has control of the body and can overpower one’s body to accomplish things.  It may work for a little while, but in the long run … Continue reading

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A Day Well Spent

A good life is time well spent.  What is good of course depends on our perspective.  But most folks I presume would, while on their deathbed, not wishing for more time at work (on the other hand, nothing wrong if … Continue reading

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Drifting Thought

No hurry and no direction, just drifting along . . . Am I wasting time or enjoying the moment? That depends on what is important (to me). Am I searching or simply at peace with myself? Life’s merry-go-round repeats the … Continue reading

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What Is My Priority?

During my marathon training, I dutifully put in between 20 to 60 miles a week.  Needless to say,  that takes time and energy, lots of them in fact.  And I am usually exhausted as a result. One would think that … Continue reading

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