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Morning Run At C&O Canal

  Mere a week ago, I ran in the temperature of 40’s (Fahrenheit).  Today in the 70’s.  The contrast could not be more telling.  A week ago, it was cold and windy (thanks to the polar vortex) with few people … Continue reading

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Living Without Fear

  Living without fear is a choice.  So much in life are worth celebrating. Every day is a miracle that we are part of its creation.  Partake in this creative process is a blessing. Why let fear robs that opportunity … Continue reading

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  While staying at home, one of the popular releases is bingeing. Whether watching Netflix, surfing internet, eating junk foods, or any other excessive indulgences considered.  The reason is simple: people are bored and are looking for ways to fight … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 Mar 2020

With social distancing, one challenge is the outlets that people frequent are no longer available to them.  Places such as movie theaters, restaurants, churches, libraries, etc. are all closed, thanks to the COVID-19.  What can folks do to keep their … Continue reading

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Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Below is my summary of the 5 ways to boost one’s immune system, an article from the AARP.  These tips may seem commonsensical. But given the examples of people are ignoring the social distancing, may be common sense is just … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Mar 2020

 Daylight saving time begins today.  If forgotten, you will find yourself late on things today.  By taking the advantage of daylight, we can perhaps face the COVID-19 disease smarter than what the US government has been doing. Speaking of which, … Continue reading

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This Finite Life Of Ours

  We all know that life is finite.   Yoga has this saying that we were born with so many breaths in us.  If so, when is our last breath? While don’t know if the end is near, I want to … Continue reading

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Dropping In On The Breath

  Need a break but has little time to spare? Good chance that you are, at times like me, stuck in a grind what I called the merry-go-round. Being there done that. Whether you can get off the merry-go-round or … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 16 Feb 2010

Spent this Valentine’s Day in Houston Texas with my long time friend Wilson and his family. It was my first time visiting this coastal city in the Lone Star State, and I must say it is a vast metropolis filled … Continue reading

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Food For The Soul?

  When hunger strikes and stomach growls, instinctively we know to intake food so to feed our bodies. What about when our spirits is down or loses their purpose? What feeds our souls? A simple question but difficult for me … Continue reading

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