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Week In Review – 2 Jan 2022

This week, we welcome the arrival of Year 2022.  Even though many of the challenges remain the same from last year, the new year does offer a glimpse of hope.  Maybe the Winter Olympics will go on as scheduled, the … Continue reading

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Countdown to The New Year?

  The week between Christmas and New Year is traditionally a slow period in the US. People are taking off work, taking vacation. or just taking a break from the hustles and bustles before the new year’s arrival. And with … Continue reading

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Wintering, the Crucible Of Life?

  Upon my first read of the post “a time for slow replenishment” I was awestruck by its beautiful wisdom on how to adapt to life’s coldest season.  No matter how difficult, painful, or challenging the winter imposes.  But my … Continue reading

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Reblog: What Is Your Circle Of Influence, And How Can You Grow It?

. Are you frustrated by what is happening? The Chronavirus pandemic has been with us for two years and is heading straight into its third.  The inflation is trending like a runaway train, out of control.  And the whole world … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Self

  Taking care of self sounds rudimentary. Everyone besides a child should be able to do it, Right? If it were only that simple, the world would be a lot happier place. No more homeless or hungry people for example. … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

  One of the iconic images of Fall for me here at the Mid-Atlantic is the leaves. The Autumn foliage with its brilliant colors and the piles after piles of them fallen on the ground represent the changing season from … Continue reading

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Travel To Experience Life

  Daily regiment can trap not only our body but also our mind and soul. We become staled and locked in – imprisoned by our choice of work, home, or whatever. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the feeling is even more … Continue reading

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On Finding Balance

  There is drought and there is flood.  Both involves water but in extremes. The peaks and valleys are not so different from anger and fear in our basic emotions. And these extremes can cause tremendous stresses even when one … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 1 Aug 2021

Say hello to August.  With all the record hot temperatures we’ve been having (in the Norther Hemisphere), I hope the hottest day is behind us already.  A cooler temperature may lessen the wildfires on the west, and for me, offers … Continue reading

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Vaccine Mandate Debate

  Last week the US gained over 500K new cases of the Coronavirus, the largest increase  (a 131-percent increase compared with the week prior) in the world, according to the World Health Organization. This increase although alarming raises the question … Continue reading

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