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Week In Review – 29 Mar 2020

  Above, is an update on the COVID-19 outbreak as of this morning (The New York Times is offering it as a public service by tracking these data and making them available for free). The US has the dubious title … Continue reading

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Hill Workout During Holidays

  Went for a hill run this morning. Not that I am training for any races but because I have been eating a lot during the holidays and really can use some intensity workout to burn off the surplus calories.  … Continue reading

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On The Trail Once Again

I like trail running in the woods.  It is different:  different mindsets, muscle groups, and definitely different challenges. On this relative “warm” winter day (temperature reaching 60s Fahrenheit), I took my run into the woods.  The rain yesterday disguised the … Continue reading

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Day 1 week 16 – Hill To Tempo

4 x 90 sec hill repeats at 7:00 w/jog down rest, 3 min rest, 3 miles @7:39 – 7:57, humid (thanks to hurricane now turned tropical storm Nate), 72 degrees. Another marathon specific run today, hill to tempo.  The hill … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 9 – Back In MarathonTraining

8 miles + 8 x 10 sec hill sprint The residual fatigue from last two weeks of travel lingers on. But I am glad to be back hitting the familiar pavement.  After my run today, naps are the order of … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 5 – Hill Sprints

6 miles including 6 x hill sprints (10 sec) w/walk down rest & 2 min rest Today’s hill sprints was much improved as compared to last Monday.  I felt my legs’ explosive drives up the hill, engaging my short twitch … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 4 – Hill Work

  7 miles easy w/ 4 hill  (20-30 sec) Originally, today’s run was 3x hill sprints (i.e. at 95% effort for 10 seconds each with walk down & rest).   But they turned out more like hill runs than hill sprints . … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 7 May 2017

Easy to mistaken that we are the center of the universe as I welcomed the month of May this week.  The warming weather and seasonal transition here in Washington D.C. is opposite of those in the Southern Hemisphere.  A phenomena that … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 3 – Trail Run In Minimal Shoes

7/13/2016 – 6 AM run, humid, 5+ mile Seoripul Park Trail, moderate degree of difficulty The Seoripul Park Trail (pictured above) was more challenging than I anticipated.  The steep climbs and the step stairs made it a difficult run for … Continue reading

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Muscle Cramps While Running: Causes and Prevention

During the Wineglass Marathon on Sunday, I developed cramps.  Yikes! Something that I thought I had licked and not experienced for a long time. What went wrong? According to Emily Brown at RunnersConnect.net, there are two types of cramping: muscle … Continue reading

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