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Mind Training

  I give in to my feelings more than I like to admit.  Specifically, my mind caves to what appears urgent.  Or my “hair on fire” experience.  One common example is the  ringing telephone.  It just won’t stop nagging “answer … Continue reading

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An Insomniac’s Poem

  From dusk to dawn, the night stretches onto the day,  Cooler temperature brings better sleep, they say. Except for the insomniac, “sweet dreams” never sail. I plead, hope, and stuggle each night to no avail. Only finding myself awake … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping Blue

  With the month of November only 2 days away, my mind drifts to the dreaded holiday ritual of gift giving. You can tell I am not a fan of shopping. Let alone mingle with the crowds madly vying for … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 19 – Clean Up Time

  Marathon Training 50 min (5 mi) easy run, overcast & 74 degree Clutters Entropy is the physics term describing things will decline to disorder over time.  And entropy is what I am trying to stave off for my mind … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 18 – Burning Up

  Marathon Training 6 mi: 8 x 400m w/ 200m jog between, 2 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down; sunny & 78 degree My splits for the 400m repeats were: 1:40, 1:37, 1:37, 1:38, 1:36, 1:38, 1:40, 1:40 Burning … Continue reading

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Day 2 Week 7 – Food Coma

  Marathon Training 38 min (4 mi), cool & 49 degree Food Coma Confession. I am having a food coma from overeating today.  Why?  Because I went to a lunch buffet.  Wait, let me be clear that I am not … Continue reading

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The Battle Rages On – Confession Of A Homeowner

Home is great but the work to maintain it sucks. Every spring, my yard becomes my  sworn enemy. Let me clarify.  The yard is fine, but it’s what’s on top of it, the weeds, crabgrass, dandelions, etc. are my headaches. … Continue reading

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Glass Half Empty?

  When the “world” is getting me down, instead of turning on it , I turn inward to myself and ask: Why? What is there that is not agreeing with me? Am I biased on certain subjects? Or could there … Continue reading

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A Good Laugh

“When was the last time you had a good laugh?” I asked myself.  You know the kind that you laugh so hard that you couldn’t help but double over until  tears coming out of your eyes or your stomach hurts.  … Continue reading

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Please Rain

Never thought I would miss the rain.  Especially for running, I prefer dry weather over wet.  The soaked gears chafing over my body is definitely no fun, in fact painful.   I would avoid it as much as possible. So why … Continue reading

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