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My Meditative Struggles

  Every night.  When the bedtime rolls around and all is quiet, there is a raging struggle going on.  Right between my two ears. Yes, I am mindful the best practices for a good night sleep recommend going to bed … Continue reading

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S.A.D. No More

SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder (commonly known as the winter blues). This winter, I have gained weight. Especially on the heel of the marathon in November, the increase is dramatic and astronomical.  I could rationalize that the added layer … Continue reading

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Between Christmas & New Year?

Here we are, the day after Christmas, and a few more days, the New Year is right around the corner.   It is an unique period for not much gets accomplished during this time. Whether office holiday parties or use-or-lose vacations, … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice And Me

  Folks in the Northern Hemisphere (myself included) experienced winter solstice yesterday.  It was the shortest day (or longest night) of the year, a day embraced by the nocturnal type.  But definitely not me. Call it seasonal effect or what not.  With … Continue reading

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Fun With Words

Writing is yoga for my brain. My blog is the metaphoric mat. In this space I leave  behind stresses, worries, and other practical challenges. In this moment I embrace fully feelings, observations, ideal pursuits, and more. I am one with … Continue reading

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What Does December Bring?

December, being the last month of the year, evokes different emotions.  Not only it marks the transition from one year to another, sentimental bugs at this time of the year infect folks to shower each other with greeting cards, gifts, … Continue reading

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My Gut Feeling

It is a funny topic, I know.  Especially when I don’t have much of a gut after the marathon three weeks ago.  The point is, I trust my gut one hundred percent, however small it may be. It wasn’t always … Continue reading

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Quality! What Quality?

If you have been around like me, chances are you heard of “Quality is Job One”  – a marketing slogan that the Ford Motor Company employed for 17 year (until 1988).  Certainly nobody would argue against quality.  The question is at … Continue reading

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On Life’s Minimum

Society promotes maximum.  Be all you can be.  Go big or go home. . . They say.  I am here for the opposite, the minimum. Minimum, not to be confused with minimalism, is the least indication from one’s effort.  It … Continue reading

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Cooking And Me

  Anyway you slice it, cooking is a chore for me.   And I suspect that may be true for others.  Foremost is about what to cook.  What materials are available? And what can I do with them? What to cook … Continue reading

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