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March Rambling Thoughts

  It’s a symphony. Between the swirling winds outside and the humming furnace inside, quite a lively day I am having.  At least for Washington DC area, the nor’easter spared us the heavy snow this time, only the high winds … Continue reading

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Impact of Rising Interest Rate

  Interest is the cost of, either borrowing or lending, doing business. Even non-business people are  not immune from the interest rate fluctuation. Let’s see: mortgage, rent, credit card, car, student loan, or price of groceries. Its presence is omnipresent … Continue reading

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  Embed from Getty Images Action speaks louder than words. Better believe it. In fact, I would put less weight on words now-a-day. Social media is free wheeling. Not to mention, a chatbot can generate word filled content better than … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Humor

  Rep Nancy Mace, R-S.C. says that she loves “exercising 1st Amendament rights.“ She isn’t joking. Her speech at the Washington Press Club Foundation yesterday certainly showed off her preference. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy free speech as much … Continue reading

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Life, Goes On

  In the winter, daylight is shortchanged.  The sun sets not only early but also  abruptly. With little warning, darkness engulfs everything. That’s when I scramble for the reading glasses that I’m still getting used to. Albeit, a helpful aid … Continue reading

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2023 Job Openings!

  Speaker of the House  – that is the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. The job is still open after three days and ten rounds of voting.  And you don’t have to be an elected Representative in order … Continue reading

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Extraordinary People

  One of the reasons that I blog is to capture the moment. My life moments or otherwise.  Carpe diem if you will, instead of letting time slips by my fingers like quicksands. And one observation I noticed is that … Continue reading

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Do You Feel Me?

  Do you feel me?   A four simple word question that’s difficult to answer. Yeah, it’s tempting to just say ‘yes’ but that would be a lie. For no two persons feel the same, let alone feeling for others. … Continue reading

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The Urge To Shop

  Today is Friday after the Thanksgiving, also known as the Black Friday when the biggest shopping season for retail business in the US starts. It is no laughing matter. Holiday sales from this period can make up 30% of … Continue reading

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Ant Battle

  Small the little critters, their presence looms large. Particularly, them indoor is a threat to my inner sanctum. I don’t share well; not with the ants, and definitely not indoor. Their sighting in the kitchen, check; bathroom, double check. … Continue reading

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