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Week In Review – 11 Oct 2020

The US is seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases all across the regions.  According the CNN, Thursday reported the highest number of new cases in two months.  Many fear this the dreaded “Second Wave” of this pandemic. Except, Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 15 – Bravo to the VPs

10/5/2016 – 9 AM run, sunny & cool, 6 miles easy pace The Vice Presidential debate last night between Governor Mike Pence (Rep) and Senator Tim Kaine (Dem) was a breath of fresh air in this nasty and, dare I … Continue reading

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Pope Francis & President Trump – Contrast Of Characters

The meeting between the Pope and the U.S. President in Vatican today captured lots of media attentions. I am not a Catholic, but from what I read Pope Francis seems like the type of leader we need more of. First, … Continue reading

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