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A Fulfilling Life?

  When examining how well life is lived, a fulfilling life is a common goal amongst many. The challenge typically lies in how to achieve such goal before one’s time runs out. Specifically, how does one know if s/he achieved … Continue reading

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Food For The Soul?

  When hunger strikes and stomach growls, instinctively we know to intake food so to feed our bodies. What about when our spirits is down or loses their purpose? What feeds our souls? A simple question but difficult for me … Continue reading

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Impermanence of Life

  Desperately trying to hold on?  Be warned that the river of life never ceases.  Besides, when it does, game is over.  Such is the life that we face.  We are different today than yesterday, and tomorrow.  The river of … Continue reading

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The Feeling of Guilt

  According to psychologist Robert Plutchik, the feeling of guilt is a blend of our primary emotions: joy and fear. Does that make sense?   Not to me, not at first blush. Guilt to me is doing something I shouldn’t or … Continue reading

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Non-stop Exploring

  Curiosity and play are the two gifts we have since birth.  The two gifts that will keep on giving for a lifetime. In fact, our age should be a non-factor. But sorry to report that more often than not, … Continue reading

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Dropping In On Myself

  Sounds a bit spooky, isn’t it?  Dropping in on myself.  But that is exactly what I have been doing lately.  Think of it as flash meditation. In any given moment, dropping in to see how I am doing.  Any … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 19 Jan 2020

Almost three week into the new year, I am slow in getting back into my running. Yup, I can blame it on the weather, but the winter is far from over.  What’s the use?  In any event, I am not … Continue reading

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Creative Tension

  Sometimes I surprise myself.  And the outcome could be either direction: good way or bad.  Find money in my coat pocket and miss a library book due date are cases in point. Either way, these happen because I am … Continue reading

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  Life is so precious, being alive is a privilege. Why waste time complaining when we know people are imperfect? Seize instead the opportunity of being alive to live each and every day the way we want it. Just how … Continue reading

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Winter Ho-hum

  After my 6 week trip to warmer places, I am slowly acclimating back to the cold surroundings at home. And I will be honest – it’s been difficult. Not only the weather cold and windy, it snowed yesterday. In … Continue reading

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