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Finding Joy

  Finding joy shouldn’t be hard, if we know where to look. For me that is running. It is something I can easily do in just about anywhere. And after each run I am always glad of  my accomplishment. Of … Continue reading

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Better Than Reality Television

  Watching the events unfold, as current administration denying its lost of the election. Could not help comparing to the drama that Hollywood can conjure. Mr. Trump gets the Oscar for best kingmaker. Unreal and yet it’s real. Can you … Continue reading

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On Being Chronic

  Being chronic has a connotative association to things negative.  Chronic disease, chronic worrying, chronic illness . . . Whatever the situation, being chronic implies a long term happening that will wear us down.  It saps our energy, choice, or … Continue reading

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“Have Fun”?

  A simple greeting that I find missing is the phrase: “Have Fun.”  Is joy out of fashion? Hardly. It is one of the fundamental emotions we have. But to share such a simple greeting seems insincere in this day … Continue reading

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Certainties Out of (2020) Election Uncertainties

  While ballots are still being counted and the next resident to the White House hangs in the balance, this much is certain: political polling is broken, voters’ sentiments are complex, and figuring ourselves out is impossible. Political polling is … Continue reading

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Calm Before The Storm

  With the election being 6 days away, there is an urge in me to jump into the presidential race update. But I am not going to do that. 2020 is unusual enough as is with the Covid-19. I will … Continue reading

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Mismatched Expectations

  The world evolves.  To wit, sun rise & set; leaves grow & fall.  As tenants on this planet, we too evolve.  If we don’t adapt, mismatched expectation will likely happen.  Particularly with things we had done in the past … Continue reading

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  We distract ourselves all the time. Either intentionally or un-intentionally (un-welcomed). The un-welcomed ones are easy to spot. Robocalls, pop-ups, spam, street noises, etc.  Anything interrupts and annoys us. For the most part, we put up with them as … Continue reading

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Parallel Realities

As the weather here cools, we are deep into the Autumn season, while the Southern Hemisphere in its Spring. This is an example of parallel realities, a concept I had a hard time grasping for the longest time. Don’t ask … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminders

Less than 20 days to US general election. If you intend to vote, voting by mail, early voting, and in-person voting are options available. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference. Covid-19 case is on the rise. Face covering, … Continue reading

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