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Heatwave Weekend

  A heatwave will be hitting Washington DC area this weekend. Ahead of it, I am experiencing a heatwave of my own. Perhaps perception is reality here. The increased temperature and humidity feel like a wet blanket draping over me. … Continue reading

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Discipline – Further Explained

  Discipline is often viewed with negative connotations.  Such as poor performance due to lack of discipline, running a marathon demands self discipline, and the likes. Generally, it conjures up forced compliance – control, punishment, enforced behavior.  But what if … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 Apr 2022

Amidst the protracted Coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine War, we got a glimmer of hope this week: Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate to be the next US Supreme Court Justice, and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine … Continue reading

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Big News Of The Day

  If you haven’t heard them already  .  .  . In the morning, I did my usual reading of the news. And the top three news for me were: temperature today is only in the low 30’s Fahrenheit (low temp … Continue reading

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On Physical Reality, Part 3

  Physical reality is where we plant our feet. Where we can touch and feel our surroundings. Where we set our frame of reference. It is where one is. If you leave or lose where you are, you are taking … Continue reading

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Body & Mood

  Want to improve your mood? Take care of your body first. Mediation often focuses on our minds. To calm or to observe the “monkey” mind as the saying goes. But I believe it is our body that speaks louder … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian Resistance

  Something surprising and yet inspiring about the Ukrainian resistance efforts that is holding off the Russian invasion from taking the Ukraine Capital City of Kyiv and elsewhere.  It is a lesson in people‘s will – if there is a … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 20 Feb 2022

It’s over. The Beijing Winter Olympics had its closing ceremony today. Hats off to China for pulling this event off in spite of Covid-19 pandemic and other international tensions. In contrast, vaccine skeptics are alive and kicking in both the … Continue reading

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  You know what I am talking about.  We are surrounded by noises all the time.   Be it cars zipping down the street, sirens from the ambulance, howling sound from the wind outside, or angry curses, frustrating condemnations, disappointing … Continue reading

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Mind Over Body, Really?

  We are motivated by our bodily needs such as for food, air, water. As known as the physiological needs, they are fundamental and universal motivators in driving our behaviors – a concept popularized by Abraham Maslow. A key point … Continue reading

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