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Week In Review – 2 Aug 2020

It’s August! Typically July is the hottest month in Washington DC. Perhaps we are over the hump and look forward to (slightly) cooler weather ahead.  Wish I can say the same about the Coronavirus.  But the saga (case/death) continues: US … Continue reading

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Old Age Is Not A Disease

  I am first to admit that my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Names of people, places, or things escape my short term memory more readily now-a-day.  I ended up resorting to writing information down to remind myself.  … Continue reading

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Reblog: Take three breaths ‹ Mindfulbalance ‹ WordPress.com

  Meditation is a good way to be mindful of the present and to disrupt autopilot or mindlessness. A nice concept in theory but how exactly does one go about achieving it? Wait no more.  The advise of “take three … Continue reading

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“I Am Happy For You”

  I am happy for you is a phrase conveyed to someone who is a recipient of something good. Five simple words, if only they are genuine. Otherwise, the sentence really means I pretend to be happy for you. Why … Continue reading

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America Is Sick

  This past weekend was one of the more subdued Fourth of July holidays I can remember.  A few firecrackers here and there marked the occasion. Most folks I know opted to stay in than venturing out to face the … Continue reading

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On Judging

  Judging is unavoidable.  We judge everything around us to get our bearings.  Whether it’s in relation to other people, things, places. etc.  No problem.  Often it is our reaction to the judging that can wreak havoc. Say someone is … Continue reading

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Home During the Pandemic

A few months ago, I wrote that home is “where everything is,” and there is no place like home.  That was before the pandemic COVID-19 struck.  Subsequently, one-third of the world’s populations have been confined to their homes under government … Continue reading

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On Being Happy

  The secret to happiness . . . [pause]. . . is an easier life.  Yes, the answer may disappoint you. But what I observed based on my 5 years in retirement that being happy really is simpler than people … Continue reading

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Off-season Should Be Pain-free

  Training can be stressful. Pains due to strain, overuse, or worst, injury, all self induced, are common symptoms associated with any kinds of physical training. After all, isn’t it the price of admission for pushing the envelopes? And most … Continue reading

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Work Your Passion

  “Do what you love” is almost a cliche. Few people work because they enjoy what they do, or that their work is their passion.  Most people work to make a living: you know paying bills, putting foods on the … Continue reading

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