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Home During the Pandemic

A few months ago, I wrote that home is “where everything is,” and there is no place like home.  That was before the pandemic COVID-19 struck.  Subsequently, one-third of the world’s populations have been confined to their homes under government … Continue reading

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On Being Happy

  The secret to happiness . . . [pause]. . . is an easier life.  Yes, the answer may disappoint you. But what I observed based on my 5 years in retirement that being happy really is simpler than people … Continue reading

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Off-season Should Be Pain-free

  Training can be stressful. Pains due to strain, overuse, or worst, injury, all self induced, are common symptoms associated with any kinds of physical training. After all, isn’t it the price of admission for pushing the envelopes? And most … Continue reading

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Work Your Passion

  “Do what you love” is almost a cliche. Few people work because they enjoy what they do, or that their work is their passion.  Most people work to make a living: you know paying bills, putting foods on the … Continue reading

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My Mind-Body Disconnect

  Body is recovering slowly since my marathon.  But, my mind is going AWOL at the same time. For instance, I have resumed running, albeit off season mode.  Not sure if the timing is appropriate but this is what I … Continue reading

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The Future Is Now

  Whether the glass is half full or half empty, the reality is the same – the future is now.  Paul Kalanithi, author of When Breath Becomes Air, wrote ” Most ambitions are either achieved or abandoned; either way, they … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 9 – Seeking Balance

  Marathon Training 48 min (5 mi), sunny, warm & 74 degree I am transition from the endurance to the stamina phase.  The latter will include intervals and tempo runs.  They are added to the easy pace runs to condition … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 5 – All Sensory Inputs Are Conditioning

  Marathon Training 29 min (approx 3 miles), pleasant & 66 degree All Sensory Inputs Are Conditioning Don’t believe it?  Think back.  Way back to the first sound, taste, sight, etc. Whether it’s the dentist’s drill, smoke from a cigarette, … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 1 – Run By Feel, Part 2

29 minutes (approx. 3 miles), cloudy & mid 60s This morning’s 3 mile easy pace run was not so easy.  The culprit?  A not-so-good night of sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard … Continue reading

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Feeling Cold

Feeling cold in the dead of winter is normal.  With the sun in hiding and the low temperature, winter is supposed to be cold.  Therefore, heaters would be running, heavy gears would shield us from the elements, and outdoor activities … Continue reading

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