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What Makes A Home Home?

  Many of us have gotten to know the place we call home intimately during the past year and a half. Thanks to the Covid-19, we spent lots of time at home physically restricted to combat the spread of Coronavirus.  … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 3 Jan 2021

Welcome to the first Week In Review for 2021. As we crossed the New Year, some of our human drama and tragedies got carried over as well. Why wouldn’t them? There is no firewall to stop the phenomenons from the … Continue reading

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The Lost Year?

  As the month of May coming to an end, it appears that 2020 will be a fateful year for hundreds and millions people. Over 360 thousand lives lost due to the pandemic, and close to 6 million people infected.  … Continue reading

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Zombie State

  I feel like a zombie.  Not sure if it’s seasonal change, post marathon recovery, jet lag or a combination of the above that is having an effect on me. Fall has officially arrived this past Monday.  With it, cooler … Continue reading

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Suburban Vs Urban Living

Where you live defines your life style. The choice between city and suburb seems common.   The city offers services and convenience like the 7- Eleven stores that is at one’s beck and call 24 X 7,  the rapid transit that … Continue reading

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Devil’s In The Details

Easy to mistaken knowing with doing. “Sure I know how to do it” is different from” yes, I have done it.”  Because knowing is not doing. Having the knowledge is different than having the skills from actually done it.  Because … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 7 – A Running Life Style?

2 mile easy. Well, normally 2 miles would be my warm up run, but today it is all I could barely handle. I am not over-trained but am traveling.  And being on the road is taking a lot out of … Continue reading

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Why Aspire Marathon Again?

I have signed up for the 2017 Aspire Harrisburg marathon.  This marathon is where I injured my foot last year and did not finish for the first time.  This year, the marathon will be 12 Nov 2017 and my second … Continue reading

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Fix-up? What Fix-up?

Ever heard the saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?  The phrase makes perfect sense if you stay with the status quo.  You know, leave well enough alone, why make change if there is no need? etc. Unless you want progress. … Continue reading

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Needs Unmet?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that there are five levels of needs for human.  Below is my Reader’s Digest version: Survival (the most basic human need) Security (against external threats) Social (or relational affiliation and support) Self-worth (or respect from one’s achievement or value … Continue reading

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