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Best Country On Earth?

  Who does not want to live in the best country on earth? But what is the best? How does one define it?  Sure, gross domestic product (GDP) and unemployment rate have traditionally measured how well a country is doing … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Mr. Biden

  President Biden took a tumble off his bike today while riding in a Delaware State Park. Apparently, his foot was caught on the bike pedal while dismounting, a common problem even for experienced rider. Thankfully, the 79 year old … Continue reading

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QT & Inflation

  Today, the Federal Reserve (also known as the Fed or US Central Bank) decided to raise interest rate (by half of a percent). A big deal because it’s the the largest hike in two decades. And more is to … Continue reading

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First Snow (Emergency)

,   Unbeknownst to me, the beautiful scenery from yesterday’s snow storm turned into a miserable nightmare for many. Here is what happened (or happening): Yesterday afternoon, a 6 tractor-trailer accident on the Interstate 95 south of Washington DC has … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 May 2021

Temperatures are hitting the 90’s.  A feel of summer, albeit premature, coupled with the low pitch humming of the cicada chorus makes it a perfect combination for siesta.  In spite of this nature’s composition, we human, intentionally or not, inject … Continue reading

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Be Well

  Be well my friend.  It’s mid April, and a Friday on top. Take a break from the news of police violence, racial injustice, or Coronavirus. Leave the noises at the door. And use the time to reset your souls, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 11 Apr 2021

How does one build trust?  Answer: one case at a time.  Simple as that may sound, real world application seems harder. Why so? You ask.  One, human relations are tricky, and it is further complicated by overabundant media channels.  It is … Continue reading

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Relativity Of Time

  For some reasons I keep on thinking today is Sunday (it’s actually Tuesday).  Maybe it has to do with the recent trip I took that I am still recovering from, or the blistering cold that is keeping me hibernating … Continue reading

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Out This Moment

  Often the phrase “in this moment” denotes engagement, mindfulness, or presence. An ideal state many strive to achieve.  Today is just the opposite for me. I have been “Out” this moment.  All day. It started with getting out of … Continue reading

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9/11 – 19 Years Later

  Nineteen years in no way measures up to the feelings of the 9/11. Nineteen years gone by deceptively, but the feelings linger. The feelings still tender, raw, and jarring. But to the eighteen year old and younger, it’s only … Continue reading

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