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Happy Father’s Day Mr. Biden

  President Biden took a tumble off his bike today while riding in a Delaware State Park. Apparently, his foot was caught on the bike pedal while dismounting, a common problem even for experienced rider. Thankfully, the 79 year old … Continue reading

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QT & Inflation

  Today, the Federal Reserve (also known as the Fed or US Central Bank) decided to raise interest rate (by half of a percent). A big deal because it’s the the largest hike in two decades. And more is to … Continue reading

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First Snow (Emergency)

,   Unbeknownst to me, the beautiful scenery from yesterday’s snow storm turned into a miserable nightmare for many. Here is what happened (or happening): Yesterday afternoon, a 6 tractor-trailer accident on the Interstate 95 south of Washington DC has … Continue reading


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Week In Review – 23 May 2021

Temperatures are hitting the 90’s.  A feel of summer, albeit premature, coupled with the low pitch humming of the cicada chorus makes it a perfect combination for siesta.  In spite of this nature’s composition, we human, intentionally or not, inject … Continue reading

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Be Well

  Be well my friend.  It’s mid April, and a Friday on top. Take a break from the news of police violence, racial injustice, or Coronavirus. Leave the noises at the door. And use the time to reset your souls, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 11 Apr 2021

How does one build trust?  Answer: one case at a time.  Simple as that may sound, real world application seems harder. Why so? You ask.  One, human relations are tricky, and it is further complicated by overabundant media channels.  It is … Continue reading

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Relativity Of Time

  For some reasons I keep on thinking today is Sunday (it’s actually Tuesday).  Maybe it has to do with the recent trip I took that I am still recovering from, or the blistering cold that is keeping me hibernating … Continue reading

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Out This Moment

  Often the phrase “in this moment” denotes engagement, mindfulness, or presence. An ideal state many strive to achieve.  Today is just the opposite for me. I have been “Out” this moment.  All day. It started with getting out of … Continue reading

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9/11 – 19 Years Later

  Nineteen years in no way measures up to the feelings of the 9/11. Nineteen years gone by deceptively, but the feelings linger. The feelings still tender, raw, and jarring. But to the eighteen year old and younger, it’s only … Continue reading

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Staying Lockdown?

  Heard in the news today that my locality will remain in lockdown.  The logical next question is till when?  And the official answer from the government is: until a 14-day downward trend in the number of COVID-19 cases. Understandably … Continue reading

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