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Happy Valentine’s Day

  For many years, I fell in the trap of believing Valentine’s Day is only for the limited few and conspiracy by the business people. After all who needs roses or chocolates after being married for a couple of decades, … Continue reading

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Going Alone

  The danger of nationalism such as “Make America Great Again” or Brexit is this: it limits our human potential. For the success of humankind, collaboration, not isolation, is required to achieve success. Put it another way, winning at all … Continue reading

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State-sponsored Crimes

  When the government breaks the laws, it is bad juju. But when the government actually sponsors criminal activities, it rises entirely to a different level. The so called state-sponsored crimes are more common than one may realize. And it … Continue reading

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Transparency In Government

  Given the Congress’ job is to represent the American people in overseeing the government operations, I wonder how effective it is going to perform that function post Trump’s impeachment? After-all its subpoena power has been clipped by the White … Continue reading

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Face-to-face vs Screen Time

  At risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I am a baby-boomer who prefers fact-to-face interactions over screen time when it comes to dealing with people. Human beings has a yearning for relationship.  Check.  And social media boast connections, followers, … Continue reading

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UK – Rough Road Ahead

  After 47 years, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union this Friday.  Also known as the Brexit. The decision and its implementation has been a struggle for the Brits for the last two and half years, after its … Continue reading

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Waiting, Part 2

  Patiently or anxiously waiting. Two feelings wrestle each other as I am expecting a car mechanic to show up at my front doorsteps to fix my car. The appointment has been scheduled and rescheduled three times for various reasons … Continue reading

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Not So Fast

  Seems like the older I get the more skeptical I become. Nothing is what it appears. Back stories after back stories can get quite complicated.  And not to mention, relationship is delicate to begin with.  So is digital technology … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 5 Jan 2020

Adding cross country to cross year was what I experienced this week – crossing from the US west coast to the east and from the year 2019 to 2020.  This combination had me fatigued out by the end of the … Continue reading

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Going Home

  After 6 weeks of traveling, we returned home at last.  An overcast sky and a drowsy temperature awaited us.  No more the cheery aloha greetings of Hawaii nor the sunny palms of Southern Cal.  They seemed distant in memories.  … Continue reading

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