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Week In Review – 29 Jan 2023

Sunday’s lunar New Year, a celebratory occasion, turned ugly abruptly in California by a series of mass shootings.  These incidents have unfortunately become the norm. Our penitentiaries are filled with violent offenders. But is the issue with the people, our … Continue reading


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Truth About American Violence

  Violence should never be condoned. And what happened in Memphis, Tennessee is a powder keg waiting to explode: another traffic stop and police brutality that resulted in death of a regular person who was on his way home. The … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Back

  The House of Representatives passed today a rules package concocted by Speaker Kevin McCarthy in his bids for the job. What interesting about this rules package is its inclusion of the giveaways McCarthy conceded last week to a small … Continue reading

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Leadership Challenge?

  Kevin McCarthy, the Republican from California, is facing a leadership challenge.  You see, he wants to be the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. McCarthy needs 218 (out of 435) votes to win the Speakership. The closest he … Continue reading

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The SWA Meltdown

  Apparently, crypto currency exchange (FTX) wasn’t the only business that had a meltdown. The Southwest Airline service also went kaput over this past Christmas weekend. It cancelled 70% of flights yesterday and 87% today. Those are whopping numbers. Not … Continue reading

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Loneliness In Aging

  “I am going to bed early,” my mother says to me over the phone. My heart twitches at her pronouncement.  Is it because of the weather is cold? Maybe. Her next sentence fills my inquisitive thought.  “I have nothing … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 11 Dec 2022

Three weeks left in 2022. Judging by the numbers, we are doing not so hot. Some would bury their heads in sports & entertainment as if even a little  escape from the reality could help. I suppose that it could. … Continue reading

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Reblog: How Friendships Change Over Time

This may come as a surprise: friendship ranks last in the relationship hierarchy as compared to marriage, family, work, etc. In other words, romantic partners, parents, children and others all come ahead of it. By this point, you may vehemently … Continue reading

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Lesson On Social Skills?

  During the holiday gatherings, one of the stressors interacting with others is on awkward subjects. That could include jobs or economy if you were recently laid off, relationship if you broke up with your significant other or have remained … Continue reading

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Do You Feel Me?

  Do you feel me?   A four simple word question that’s difficult to answer. Yeah, it’s tempting to just say ‘yes’ but that would be a lie. For no two persons feel the same, let alone feeling for others. … Continue reading

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