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Pain-free Running

  Most pain in running stems from running too fast or pushing body beyond what it can handle.  I know this first hand.  Having being through them before makes me sensitive to when to back off and slow down before … Continue reading

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Running Fatigue (Psychological)

  Our body gets fatigued from running either too long or too fast. It’s normal part of exercising. But what happened to me this morning was a different kind of fatigue. I call it psychological fatigue. What happened? You ask. … Continue reading

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Arctic Blast Is Here

  The Arctic blast has arrived the Northeast. Luckily, Washington DC is on the fringe of this powerful ice storm.  We don’t get the  dread precipitation, just the cold wind chills. Even so, I made sure to bundle up and … Continue reading

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For What Do I Run?

  It’s no secret that I run for my health. That’s my answer, plain and simple. To that end, having fun along the way definitely adds to it.  And, I would add exploration as part of that fun to spice … Continue reading

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My Coldest Run

  While visiting Fairbanks, Alaska last September, I experienced a thermo-chock. The local temperature was 27 degree Fahrenheit. I couldn’t stay outdoor long without freezing my buns. That was then. Today, Washington DC was under the spill of an extreme … Continue reading

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Building Character?

  I don’t like to walk when I run. It’s not a knock against walking.  In fact, the popular Galloway Run Walk Run Method has helped countless people transforming themselves into runners.  It just not for me – walking makes … Continue reading

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Lone Runner

  Most runners I surmise are running solo.  After all, what’s the chance of finding someone who has the same running schedule, goal, and pace to run with? Close to nil. Speaking for myself, I run alone most of the … Continue reading

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A Cold Saturday Morning Run

  This morning’s run was cold. Don’t get me wrong, the run itself was fine, no different from my other Saturdays’. But the air cut right through my thoughts and forced me to keep my muffler on all the way … Continue reading

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Praise the Shade

  Before making a single stride, I could sense a hot-sweaty run today. You see, the sun was already up and beaming brightly on the ground. Segments of the sidewalk exposed, reflecting off the heat, was contrasted by the cool-shaded … Continue reading

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Bonus Me-Time

  Another Saturday morning run. Except, today I pushed myself a bit more than usual which I will explain below. And now, I can the fatigue catching up with me. All good. Normally, my Saturday run consists of warming up … Continue reading

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