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Morning Easy Run, Not

  This morning the weather was good for running: mid-60’s Fahrenheit and cloudy sky. I was looking forward to finding joy of running with such nice conditions. No goal, no time target, just running for fun. Except, I didn’t find … Continue reading

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Apathy Is Sad

  When the road we face is uphill or when the battle gets fierce, it’s easy to contemplate giving up.  There is a convenient excuse – oh well, we have tried it, but it is of no use. So might … Continue reading

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My Pandemic Running Windfall

  The Coronavirus has shutdown many road races, particularly the major ones, for the fear of  they becoming superspreader events. So for the past eighteen months my running has been casual with a serendipitous twist. I’m more plugged in with … Continue reading

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A Heat Run Challenge

  The status board in front of a local community center says “85 degree” as I glanced up while running this morning.  It was hot. Sweats was dripping down my eyebrows as I pressed my soaked legs forward. My run … Continue reading

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A Morning Surprise

  Never anticipated my morning run was going to become a morning walk. But that was what happened today. Today’s temperature hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid the heat (and sun), I ran early in the morning taking advantage of … Continue reading

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Race Goal For 2021

  In case you haven’t noticed, my blog’s “Countdown To The Big Race” has been updated with the Virtual Boston Marathon on 8 – 10 Oct 2021. No. No. Not that I have signed up for the virtual race, some … Continue reading

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A Training Journal That Wasn’t

  I started this blog as a training journal for my marathon training.  Which is a 20 weeks program leading right up to the marathon race. Well, there was no marathon last year (2020) due to the Coronavirus.  Most of … Continue reading

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Fitness Remiss

  It’s no secret that the past year has been a giant off-season for many runners, myself included. Without any race, it’s difficult to push oneself into fitness. The obvious question is what for? Certainly, the feeling of being fit … Continue reading

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Just Maintenance Runs

I’m huffing and puffing.  Not a fan of wearing anything extra for running, the triple-layered mask I am wearing feels like I’m breathing through a straw.  And all I am doing is casual running. “Casual” because the Coronavirus has cancelled … Continue reading

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When I Run . . .

  Running is my habit. By that, I change into my regular running outfits. A few deviations such as hat or gloves are to accomodate the extreme weathers like rain or snow. But most of time, the outfits are pretty … Continue reading

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