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Lone Runner

  Most runners I surmise are running solo.  After all, what’s the chance of finding someone who has the same running schedule, goal, and pace to run with? Close to nil. Speaking for myself, I run alone most of the … Continue reading

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A Cold Saturday Morning Run

  This morning’s run was cold. Don’t get me wrong, the run itself was fine, no different from my other Saturdays’. But the air cut right through my thoughts and forced me to keep my muffler on all the way … Continue reading

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Praise the Shade

  Before making a single stride, I could sense a hot-sweaty run today. You see, the sun was already up and beaming brightly on the ground. Segments of the sidewalk exposed, reflecting off the heat, was contrasted by the cool-shaded … Continue reading

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Bonus Me-Time

  Another Saturday morning run. Except, today I pushed myself a bit more than usual which I will explain below. And now, I can the fatigue catching up with me. All good. Normally, my Saturday run consists of warming up … Continue reading

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Practicing Gratitude On My Run

  It was 79-degree Fahrenheit this morning when I finished my long run. Yes! Supposed to be getting a heatwave today in the 95, and 100 tomorrow. So getting a jump on the heat was a necessity. Many people came … Continue reading

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Feeling Good About My Run

  Even though running slower and less than before, I feel good about my running. Before the Covid pandemic, I run marathons. And I train for those races.  Goals like faster finish, personal record, or no injury were my motivators … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 May 2022

This week concluded in a heatwave for the Washington DC area, the earliest preview of summer in my recollection. These weather extremes have been happening elsewhere. Now it is our turn to face it. Heeding the warning of excessive heat, … Continue reading

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A Windy Morning Run

  The wind was hollering, rattling at my window panes. On top of that, the windchill made an already cold morning (42 degree Fahrenheit) less inviting. Nevertheless, I bundled up and went for my run anyway. Apparently, the Washington DC … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 27 Mar 2022

With the Coronavirus and Ukraine war, lots of negative emotions are occupying our space. Whether it’s the media or mental space, the negative moods are pervasive.  Which can  weigh individuals down and wear people out. How can one maintain a good … Continue reading


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Soleus Pain

  Yesterday I ran 8 miles. Half way through my run, I felt a pain in my calf – a sharp pain on the outside edge of my left calf. And the pain intensified when I ran up the hill. … Continue reading

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