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Obrigado Lisbon

Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon, Portugal   The word “obrigado” means “thank you” in Portuguese. My wife and I recently visited Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, for our wedding anniversary. While less well known than its neighbors Spain or … Continue reading


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The Human Experience, Part 3

  Our human experience is limited.  Not saying it not rich nor colorful; only it’s limited in terms of range and depth. Let’s see: human has been around approximately six million years. Modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 … Continue reading

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Reblog: 5 ways to feel more present in your day-to-day routine

When I saw the line “how to turn routine tasks into mindful rituals,” it sold me right off the bat. You see, routine and ritual are different.  The former is unavoidable. We all have routines. Otherwise our days would be … Continue reading

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Not Waiting for Thanksgiving

  Feeling swamped? You’re not alone. Welcome to the club. Truth be told – there are more to be thankful than not. Being alive, sharing in our unique ways, and shaping it, one soul at a time. Every day. Why … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Biodiversity

  The rising temperature is wreaking havoc across our world.  Increase in the intensity and frequency of wildfires, storms, and periods of drought are becoming common occurrences. As we live through these changes, what could be the impact to our … Continue reading

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Practicing Gratitude On My Run

  It was 79-degree Fahrenheit this morning when I finished my long run. Yes! Supposed to be getting a heatwave today in the 95, and 100 tomorrow. So getting a jump on the heat was a necessity. Many people came … Continue reading

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Tale Of An Election Poll Worker

  Again, I participated this year in the elections by working at the polling center.  Yes, I am a poll worker. The job entails long hours and pays little. But it gives me a  great sense of  satisfaction from participating … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2022

  On this day, we honor the American service members who sacrificed their lives in defense of this country.  It does not matter if they were male, female, LGBTQ. Neither if they were Republicans, Democrats, independents. Pro-life, Pro-choice or others. … Continue reading

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Feelings Are Real

  To a frightened child, the monster under the bed is real. Saying it ain’t so does not allay the child’s fear but also denies his or her emotional truth. You see, emotional truth is not the same as factual … Continue reading

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Think Win-win?

  Is win-win possible? Not always. The world as we know it has good and bad people. Within that context, a win-win outcome would not possible – when both the good and bad people win. Sometimes a forced outcome is … Continue reading

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