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Good Bye Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  The Tokyo Summer Olympics is over.  Many involved in its planning/organizing/execution are probably glad that is the case. In hindsight this has been an Olympics like no others in history given the Coronavirus pandemic. I am, however,  sad to … Continue reading


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The Tokyo Olympics

  In a few days, the long awaited Tokyo Olympics will begin (on 23 July).  “Long awaited” because this was supposed to be the 2020 Summer Olympic games, delayed a year due to the Coronavirus.  “So it is finally happening,” … Continue reading

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Why Aspire Marathon Again?

I have signed up for the 2017 Aspire Harrisburg marathon.  This marathon is where I injured my foot last year and did not finish for the first time.  This year, the marathon will be 12 Nov 2017 and my second … Continue reading

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Why I Love Yoga – The Corpse Pose

  Every yoga practice has, regardless how much or little I sweated, a pose at the end called corpse pose or savasana ( (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh) in Sanskrit. It is the final relaxation pose where yogi’s mind and body come together in … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 6 – The Olympics

8/5/2016 – rest day, yoga to soothe the aching legs Few event invokes images of human passions in action, triumphs of human achievement, and collaborations of human spirits like the Olympics.  And the 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony is tonight. … Continue reading

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Day 7 Week 6 – Week In Review – Mileage

This week I ran a total of 42 miles. The number of miles I ran is a coarse measure of my marathon training.  It does not tell the story of what the training is about and how am I progressing. … Continue reading

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Reflecting on My 2014 Marathon Training

On Sunday my 20 weeks of training effort will be putting on the line at the Wineglass Marathon.  Regardless of the outcome, I will reflect on this journey that started back in May. Like my marathon training in the years … Continue reading

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Running Is A Solo Sport

Even in the midst of a major marathon such as Boston, New York City, or Chicago, with sea of runners at the starting line, it is one runner’s journey to finishing the race. How warm will the weather get?  What … Continue reading

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We Choose Our Fate

We can’t choose where, when, or how we were born.  Beyond that, for the most part, we choose our fate.  Where to live, how to live, what to do, etc.  Sure, we don’t always reach our dreams but that should … Continue reading

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Grace of an Olympic Champion

Just watched Yuna Kim’s Olympic Lady’s Short Program in Sochi Russia.  What a true Champion.  She made it look easy.

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